Best Builders Level Reviews 2020

A builder’s level is mainly employed in the field of construction to install level points as well as to check the elevations. It is considered as the optical instrument which is mainly used in building and surveying. It is also functional for measuring, setting, or transferring horizontal levels.

Builder level is also known as dumpy level, and the same is costly, lightweight, easy to utilize and easy to assemble. There are several different elements to a builder level, but it is mostly a leveling vial connected to a telescope.

The leveling vial includes marks known as graduations utilized for centering the gurgle. It works by connecting the telescope into a leveling head plus lastly escalating to a tripod.

Best Builders Level in 2019 On the Market

  • Accuracy: 1/4-inch per 100 feet
  • Range: 200 ft.
  • Battery Required: No
  • Magnification: 20x
  • Johnson 40-6912
  • Accuracy: 3/16 In. @ 100 ft.
  • Range: 100 ft.
  • Battery Required: No
  • Magnification: 22x
  • Bosch GOL 32CK
  • Accuracy: 1/16 In. @ 100-feet
  • Range: 330 ft.
  • Battery Required: No
  • Magnification: 32x
  • Accuracy: 1/32 In. @ 100-feet
  • Range: 300 ft.
  • Battery Required: No
  • Magnification: 26x
  • CST/berger RL25HCK
  • Accuracy: 3/32-in @ 100ft
  • Range: 2,000 ft.
  • Battery Required: No
  • Rotation speed: 150, 300, 600 rpm


How to choose the best buider levels?

It’s been several years since the builder level introduced in the market. At present, there are numerous companies who produce this tool. If you are going to buy a builder level for the very first time, there are many things to consider before buying a builder level.

There are a number of people who believe that if two items are available in the similar cost then both of these items should have the similar features. But, this is very wrong thinking. All the builder levels are not same and before purchasing them, it is important to have a look on the below mentioned features –

  • Check properly whether or not your builder level is waterproofed
  • Is your product is strong enough against hard objects such as dust?
  • What type of battery you will require to activate these builder levels
  • Check if the batteries remain for long time or not
  • Today, builder level is available in self-leveling, therefore you should know about that as well
  • Can your builder level make both vertical and horizontal lines?
  • The cost
  • Weight of the equipment
  • The product provides customer-care support or not, also you should ensure that you picked a product which provides free technical support for 24×7.
  • Always check the warranty period of your builder level.

Here is our top picks for the best builder level product lines to aid you receive the best product. This builder level review is based on comparison and research of the all range of brands and models. If you are novice to builder level, it’s very important for you to know what you’re seeking before going to the market and purchase any item.

Top 5 Builders Level Reviews


DEWALT DW090PK 20X Builder’s Level – best builders level

This is the perfect measuring tool for all agricultural, civil, and construction applications. DEWALT-DW090PK 20x builder’s level toolkit provides 20 x intensifications for a variety that goes beyond 200 feet. This toolkit is precise to in 1/4 of one inch for each 100 feet of array.

 best builders level

The level is available with a 360-degree horizontal loop along with vernier scale for exact calculation of straight angles. It consist of tripod that provides a durable base for leveling that is fast and simple to install and that consist of leveling vial.

This level consist of hardwearing aluminum tripod along with quick-adjust legs, a plumb bob, a strong 8-foot aluminum grade stick, as well as a kit box to guard the laser throughout storage and transport so that workers can get everything what they want to start their work.

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Johnson Level & Tool 40-6912 22X Builders Level Transit System – best transit level reviews

This flexible Builder’s Transit Level is perfect for leveling floors, patios, driveways, and foundations; for grading ditches, curbs, and street; for supporting fences or for any other work of construction.

best transit level reviews

Product features

  • Horizontal Circle – adjusted to particular degrees plus reads by vernier straight to 15 minutes
  • Vertical Arc – it takes reading to degrees 45-0-45
  • Vertical tangent and lock screw and horizontal tangent screw for exact control of movements
  • En suite sunshade – for good viewing
  • Top escalated leveling vial – for easy sighting
  • Big leveling screws – simple to turn
  • Flexible – perfect for leveling floors, patios, driveways, and foundations, for grading ditches, curbs, and street, for aligning fences, or any work of construction
  • 40-6912 consists of transit level of builder, contractor rank aluminum tripod, hard-shell transport case, instruction guidebook with warranty-card, and 13′ aluminum ranks shaft with carrying bag.

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Bosch GOL 32CK 32x Optical Level Kit with Tripod and Rod –  best bosch builders level

The Bosch GOL-32CK mechanical optical levels offers a self-leveling compensator, vertical and horizontal Stadia lines and cross hairs. It has 32 x intensification lenses and big space for clear picture with an array of 400 ft. consists of: adjustment tools, aluminum leveling rod, aluminum tripod, plumb bob, lens cap, and hard carrying case.

 best bosch builders level

Product features

  • Perfect equal to ± 1/16 in. on 100 ft.
  • It contains self-leveling compensator along with transport lock that helps to guard pendulum in transporting case against injury and failure of calibration
  • Both vertical and horizontal stadia lines and crosshairs calculates alignment, level and measures distance
  • Huge aperture 32X-power lens enables more luminosity for a clear picture as well as exceptional magnification

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DEWALT DW096PK 26X Automatic Optical Level Kit – best optical level

The DeWalt DW096PK 26X mechanical Optical Levels is a contractor-grade tool which is very dependable. It conveys 1/32-inch precision at 100 feet to set aside your precious time and make grading, leveling, and surveying tasks easier.

Whether you want to buy this for road construction, landscaping work or to test out the accuracy of concrete forms, this tool provides trouble-free installment with self-leveling performance and extensive base.

best optical level

It’s strong 26X magnification allows you to work effectively across distances of approx 300-feet or more, whereas a magnetically dampened and double-hung compensator that provides an automatic locking system means that you can depend on this tool to give excellent accuracy and easy-operation over time.

This toolkit also consist of a lightweight, and strong aluminum tripod, a plumb bob, an eight-foot aluminum grade shaft, as well as a kit box to look after the laser at the time of storage plus transport, so that you can get everything to begin your work.

Product features

  • 360-degree straight circle for exact calculation of horizontal angles
  • Magnetically dampened compensator for effortless installation with accuracy and optimum range
  • 26x intensification for 300’+ range
  • ±1/32″ for each 100′ exactness
  • Heavyweight leveling base is quick plus easy to install and level

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CST/berger RL25HCK Horizontal/Exterior Self-Leveling Rotary Laser -Best construction transit level

Rotary laser level is vital in construction work and these tools are perfect for their correctness and for being huge time savers. CST/Berger RL25HCK is in huge demand up till now, because it aids professionals in the field of construction in making their work easier. By having this equipment, experts will be spirited in the business where they belong.

This type of laser leveling equipment is employed in construction as well as in the surveying industry. It is the best laser level because it can run with the assistance of a laser-beam projector connected to the tripod. The CST/ Berger-RL25HCK is a complete toolkit of rotary laser level, therefore the user doesn’t require buying an individual tripod for it.

best construction transit level

When this tool is connected to the stand, it can altitude in an precise way. Since the rotary kind of laser-level is a state-of-the-art type plus it rotates the sunbeam of light quick enough to give the outcome of a 360 degree vertical and horizontal plane, hence it can illuminate a horizontal surface and not only a specific line.

The laser ray coming from the instrument will turn through the top by means of a mirror for broad dispersion of the laser ray of an upright axis. This instrument will operate best with a stand positioned onto a laser level exterior and since this instrument is self-leveling, the customer will not find any difficulty in installing the instrument. The old days are gone when a person need to spend several days to finish one work, but now CST/ Berger RL25HCK is available in the market to aid you finish your work within time.

Product features

  • Rotary laser level consists of hard-sided transport case, 1 AA battery, 3 D-cell batteries, eight ft. grade shaft, aluminum stand, RD5 detector with cohort, RL25H self-leveling revolving laser
  • Dust and water protected to resist outside use
  • Single-axis slope direct enables up/down laser tunings in manual-grade style
  • Its glass-enclosed top shelter looks after laser from potentially detrimental parts on the workplace.
  • Full range of beam visibility enrichment regulates for ambient light situations
  • It is strongly made to hold out a fall from 3 ft.
  • It’s Battery weigh points to when charging is low
  • This tool is ideal option for laser tools requirements

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Why Builder Level Tools was Introduced in the market?

The very first lot of builder levels that was introduced in the market was employed by a few construction labors in USA. The workers who used builder levels found these tools very helpful. At that point there were not several options; hence nobody was aware of the best builder level available.

Originally, construction workers who worked from big farm were the users of such builder levels. Although, the builder level review was positive from their side but still the sale of builder level was pretty slow. Then the manufactures realized that the products made by them are costly enough and this is why people were unable to purchase them personally.

When manufactures realized what they need to do in order to make their products famous, they began considering how they can surpass each other. The thing was obvious that, an average man will choose the product which is lighter and cheaper. When Laser level and builder level first launched in the marketplace only US-based organizations were producing them.

But when it got famous the products from Korea and China started arriving in the market. The good thing was that the tools made by Korea and China were cheaper in rates, however simultaneously they were technically well sophisticated.

After watching this scenario, US-based companies also decided to produce cheaper builder level tools and that too with advanced features. They were desirous to produce the top quality builder level and with doing that, the companies were also wanted to get the main share of builder level market from Korea and China. They began making Builder levels which are much cheaper in rates and lightweight. At present, most of the best laser level is produced by Korea, China, and US based companies.

These small equipments are not only made for placing on wall shelves or construction work, but they also can do several other things in your house. These equipments can assist you children with their homework.

Builder levels are not similar to the other equipments which have an intricate process of function and you need to spend several hours gathering it. Builder Levels are straightforward and anyone can use them effortlessly.


Who use Best Builders Laser level

Those who work in house improvement can’t survive in this industry without making a blotch on the wall for installing something. The main reason of best laser level is to create precise blotches on the wall, hence the workers who are in construction house business; a laser level or builder level is an extremely functional instrument that makes their job much simpler.

Just visualize that you have bought a wonderful painting and you want to hang it on your dining area of your home. But because it is exposed, it is nearly unfeasible to understand whether you have place the frame in a straight line angle or you may finish up installing it on a corrupt manner.

Thus, when guests visit your house, they will observe that a gorgeous painting is installed in a corrupt way. When you get a self-leveling builder level at your home then you can easily set up any wall frames or artwork precisely always and that too without requiring anyone’s assistance. Hence your house will be as superbly structured as you need.

Wall shelves and artwork are superb items to have in the house. However, it is very important to place them in good manner. Now, the time has changed. In past time, people used to use a level from their kids to draw a straight line on their wall to hang something, but now if you get a builder or laser level in your house then you can simply mention to the wall and after that when the signal confirms you the straight-lines, then you can simply create 2 marks on your wall.

  • Also, you can make use of the laser level to make dissimilar angles on your wall. The laser level signs will constantly provide you a straight-line, which you cannot get by manually drawn lines. In case your wall shelf was not installed in a straight way then items will drop from the shelf.

During the rainy season, it is vital for you to take a quicker view of your roof covers or ceiling. You may also require adjusting the cover. If you fine-tune the roof with the use of laser level beam then there’ll be no outflow because it provides the precise direction.

Also, architectures are requiring taking precise dimensions before building any structure. Well, all we want to say is that anyone who requires precise measure also requires laser levels at their houses. In case, you are not an expert house builder then you will probably not require the best builders level, but having an undersized one with cheaper cost will always be useful for you.


There is no requirement to deal with bigger works with a few strings, a conventional four foot scale, more workers that needed. Novice consumers seem happy with all the aforementioned products when the regular laser appeared to need more exertion compared to a manual water bubble laser. For business use, the drop off in labor expenses will fund the diversity very soon.

For the provisional, any of the mentioned builder levels will take all the concern out of refurbishing or repairing a home. The consumers can be guaranteed that the tree houses or deck that is structured from the children will tackle most blizzards.

There are several other models available on the marketplace and several other costs that are accessible too, but receiving the most for the money should be a worry. With the accuracy and easiness of use of all of these tools, even the home owner or least experienced builder can benefit from employing these tools and not feel scammed.

If you are going to purchase this equipment, you will require it for a purpose, and wrong choice can make you disappoint for lifetime. Hence, before buying a tool, you should do your own research on the web or you can get recommendation from your veteran friends. In case of any confusion, you can also look for assistance from retailers or professionals. As soon as your all doubts get cleared, you can ultimately buy your preferred product.

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