Best Green Laser Levels Reviews 2020

Accomplishing jobs in regard to leveling and alignment requires you to have the smartest of devices that can bring you the best of results. A green laser level is one such solution that will minimize your time and effort in taking measurements manually. As a matter of fact, green laser levels are up to four times brighter than the red beams, and this makes technicians pick up the green ones for their long visibility range. Although green laser beams are a bit expensive, they are no less a blessing for construction engineers to work in broad daylight. Investing into a green laser level is always wiser as it will help you achieve efficiency in both indoor and outdoor projects.

Top Rated Green Laser Levels Comparison Chart

  • 360° Line Laser
  • Self-Level Range: ±5 degrees
  • Accuracy: 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Visibility: 100ft (30m)
  • PLS 180 Green
  • Cross-Line
  • Self-Level Range: ±6 degrees
  • Accuracy: 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Visibility: 100ft (30m)
  • Dewalt DW088LG
  • Cross-Line
  • Self-Level Range: ±5 degrees
  • Accuracy: 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Visibility: 100ft (30m)
  • Leica 798056
  • Horizontal & vertical lines
  • Self-Level Range: ± 4,5 degrees
  • Accuracy: ±1/8-in @ 100ft
  • Range with Detector 500 ft (150m)
  • Horizontal lines
  • Self-Level Range: ± 5 degrees
  • Accuracy: ±1/16-in @ 100ft
  • Range with Detector 2000 ft (600m)

7 Best Green Laser Levels Reviews 2019


DEWALT DW088LG 12V Cross Line Laser, Green – Best Green Cross Line Laser

Taking interior as well as exterior measurements will now seem to be one of the world’s easiest jobs with this new-age Dewalt DW088LG. Featuring a rock-solid construction, this cross line laser comes with a capability to project bright green vertical and horizontal lines. What’s commendable is its long-range visibility as it can throw its beam up to 100 feet. Its 12V lasers make it perfect for making both interior and exterior applications visible. High on safety, it also comes equipped with a locking pendulum, which acts as a shield to all its internal components. If you are, therefore, looking for a green laser level, DW088LG will leave you impressed.

best green laser level

Features and Specifications:

  • A fully rechargeable power tool battery operated laser level that results in long runtime and complete efficiency
  • Both vertical and horizontal cross lines are emitted in green that helps a lot in diverse layout and leveling applications
  • Visible up to long ranges as it is 4 times brighter than the red laser beams
  • Comes with an integrated magnetic bracket that makes it easier for flush attachment to steel and metal track
  • Safe and strong, it sports an over-molded construction and IP65 debris/water resistance
  • Its locking pendulum prevents all its internal components


  • Battery power is superb and keeps it active for long hours of operation
  • Its magnetic bracket is quite sturdy and durable
  • Throws exceptionally bright green beams that help in taking measurements at long distances
  • Very user-friendly and involves no complications


  • Too big in size and not compact enough
  • Too heavy to carry from one place to another

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DEWALT DW089LG 12V MAX 3 X 360 Line Laser, Green – Best Laser Level Green Light

Imagine the hectic work you undertake in taking measurements for a full room layout. Well, your similar upcoming projects will now be dealt smoothly with Dewalt DW089LG. This 360-degree line laser emits a green beam, which is quite powerful to get your measurements in a jiffy. Compact in size, it can be stored easily in a safer place without taking any additional space. In terms of brightness, DW089LG is four times ahead of the red one and also boasts of its over-molded body. With an accuracy of +/-0.125, it carries the potential to fetch measurements just as you want. Dewalt DW089LG deserves to be a part of a technician’s toolkit and is, therefore, worth every bit of your investment.

green laser level reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Known for its superb indoor range of 100 feet and stands accurate to 1/8 of an inch
  • With an IP rating of 65, it is highly resistant to dust, water,and shock.
  • Very easy to set up as it comes with well-supportive mounts for rear magnets, resulting in high functionality
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery that eliminates the cost of buying pricey batteries every time
  • Has the ability to do leveling on its own and frees you of the shivers in regard to accuracy


  • Very safe and reliable to operate
  • Quite user-friendly with no complicated features
  • Locking pendulum ensures full-proof prevention against inner components
  • Comes with a high level of accuracy to +/- 0.125
  • Three green lasers work together for maximum visibility


  • Laser light does not look bright while working in broad daylight
  • Voltage keeps fluctuating every now and then

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PLS 180 Green Cross Line Laser Level – Best Green Line Laser Level

If the harsh sunrays have been creating hindrances at work, PLS180 G will now make your job so easy. This smart laser level has a super powerful green beam diode that emits bright visible green lines. No matter how bright the surrounding is, it would make those lines visible like anything. Where it scores high over the red lasers is its ability to let you see three times the distance in comparison. Perfect for interiors, PLS180 G does not weigh much as is only 2.5 pounds. Powered by three AA batteries, it assures to give you long hours of uninterrupted service throughout the day.

best green laser level reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Emits bright laser lines both vertically and horizontally that caters to a wide range of applications with no hardships
  • Its working range can go up to 200 feet which is far in comparison to laser levels with red beams
  • Sports a rugged design that makes it quite flexible to use it in harsh conditions
  • Its self-leveling range is up to 6 degrees that makes work so smooth
  • Quite compact in size and light in weight to carry from one place to another
  • Runs on three AA batteries


  • Has a unique design based on the pendulum principle
  • Ideal for handling all types of applications
  • Magnetic dampening has been used for keeping it safe
  • Pulsed beams have been used for the purpose of external applications


  • Laser light is not too strong for working in external projects
  • Not too consistent in keeping up performance

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DEWALT DW079LG 20V MAX Green Rotary Tough Laser – Brightest Laser Level

Who said technology has no support for technicians and workers? Take a look at Dewalt DW079LG that is now ready to spellbind you with its unbelievable visibility and optimum flexibility. It simply steals the show with its 20V Max Green Rotary Tough Laser that will easily let you work in uneven circumstances. Its IP67 water/debris resistance capacity promises safety like anything. Owing to its 360-degree construction, it can be set up with no effort and also gives highly accurate layout. With its dual axis slope mode, it proves to be a high-scoring laser level in terms of flexible operation.

dewalt green laser level

Features and Specifications:

  • Perfect for grading, deck building and other foundations, this green laser level has an accuracy level of up to 100 feet
  • With its dual axis slope mode, it becomes easier for one to make adjustments in a very convenient manner
  • Having 2 m drop tested, it assures sturdiness and can be made to work even in harsh conditions
  • Has a brilliant indoor visibility range of 250 feet that lets you work with no effort
  • Requires no wires as it is completely cordless
  • Weighs quite less as it is only 2 lbs


  • Rugged construction and quite capable to work in odd conditions
  • Provided with remote control, target card, detector and enhancement glasses, making it beneficial for construction
  • Equipped with four types of rotary speeds
  • Weather and dust proof as well


  • Lacks brightness while working in daylight
  • Lacks a grade rod that should have been included
  • LED display not provided

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Leica 798056 ROTEO Premium Green Laser Package – Best Green Beam Laser Level

What about going for a laser level that can take your interior work to heights of satisfaction? Leica 798056 with its built-in Roteo 35G Premium Rotary Laser will leave those poor red lasers far behind. With four times more visibility, it keeps workers miles away from facing challenges while working in broad daylight. What makes it quite special is its vertical and horizontal laser, which are also automatic. For having a motorized wall mount, it becomes easier to adjust and take measurements accordingly. So, if you want to install walls and ceilings with perfection, Leica 798056 will just make it possible for you.

green self leveling laser

Features and Specifications:

  • Comprises a Class II laser that is four times brighter than a green laser
  • Very easy and flexible to operate as it is completely automatic, catering to both vertical and horizontal measurements
  • Wall mount provided is motorized that enables workers to adjust it with ease
  • Best for measuring roof pitches and stairs, mark out right angles and install walls and ceilings
  • Comes equipped with a protective cage that can be easily detached
  • Has a scanning mode that enhances visibility in broad daylight conditions


  • Very easy to set up and hence involves no complications in the installation
  • Operation is all automatic that frees users of manual operation
  • A very sturdy tool to work in bad conditions
  • Perfect for indoor construction projects


  • User manual not clear and terribly designed
  • Features of the device are not given so clearly that can make it difficult to understand the operation

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PLS3 3-Point Green Beam Laser Level – Laser Level with Green Beam

If undertaking long-range applications has always been a challenge, PLS3 G Point Laser Level from the house of Pacific Laser Systems will take away more than half of your worries. With a green laser beam that is 3 times stronger in terms of visibility than red beam lasers, this magical device has auto self-leveling within ±6 degrees. Its visibility range is up to 100 feet that will be quite helpful in handling internal projects. Having ±1/4 inch accuracy, it does both alignment and leveling with utmost precision. Its magnetic dampening technology lets it stay protected from even the slightest of movements. Powered by three AA batteries, PLS3 G Point Laser Level is a preferred choice for 21st-century workers.

pls green beam laser level

Features and Specifications:

  • Equipped with the brand new green diode technology, this point laser level is up to 300% bright in comparison to the red dots
  • Works best in bright conditions as the green dots are clearly visible unlike the red ones
  • With the self-leveling feature, it minimizes the effort to level manually and therefore takes less time
  • Features a rugged construction that makes it strong enough to work in uneven site conditions
  • Powered by a rechargeable alkaline battery that reduces one’s cost of buying further batteries
  • Stands compatible with a camera tripod


  • Scores high in terms of brightness and lets workers work smoothly in broad daylight
  • Superb construction and quite sturdy that makes it easier to work in uneven circumstances
  • Designed to make floor layouts with sheer accuracy


  • Poses a challenge to accuracy after a few uses
  • The pendulum sometimes end up frozen

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DEWALT DW0825LG 12V 5 Spot + Cross Line Laser, Green

Dewalt once again brings a versatile laser leveling device to make both your internal and external applications smooth and effortless. What makes DW0825LG perform with no glitches is its 12-Volt Max battery, which leaves no question for its back-up. With four total beams, it boasts of a commendable visibility range of up to 150 feet. Easy to install, it comes with an integrated magnetic bracket and locking pendulum that keeps its internal mechanism intact. Boxed in TSTAK storage case, it stays safe and can also be stored easily without taking much space. DW0825LG is no doubt a smart choice and a worthy investment with its IP65 water/debris resistance capacity.

green line laser level

Features and Specifications:

  • Equipped with an integrated bracket that makes it quite effortless to install
  • Its 12-Volt Max battery lets it get going throughout the day without any interruptions
  • High on safety, it has a locking pendulum that safeguards its internal parts like anything
  • Extremely bright green beam that is caused due to the presence of four beams
  • Can reach up to an extent of 150 feet and proves quite helpful to work indoors
  • Comes in a hardy storage case that ensures the highest level of safety
  • Holds a 2 m drop rating


  • Its bright green light that creates no difficulty in working under the sun
  • Solid battery back-up and rechargeable as well as it comes with a 12-Volt Li-ion battery
  • The case is quite sturdy and is strong enough to work in uneven conditions


  • Does not have the facility to level on its own
  • Not clearly visible during daylight

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Why should you Choose a Green Laser Level over Red?

Where it takes almost no time to understand the working principle of a laser level as well as to choose the best one, it is equally challenging to decide whether you should pick one with a green beam over a red one. The interesting aspect here is that when both the beams are thrown on the walls, it creates confusion. You tend to slip into a state of dilemma whether a green laser would ensure convenience at work or whether the red one will help you work at broad daylight. Well, despite all confusions, the green laser level scores a bit higher than the red one.

So, let’s find out as to why you should choose a green laser level over a red one. Take a look:

green laser level

  • Works best for indoors and outdoors –

Who said red beams are not good for indoors? Yes, they are but not as good as the green one. The reason is that a green laser level is much brighter. To be precise, green laser levels are 4X brighter than the red ones. Now, coming to external work, there is little difference between a green and red laser level. However, green carries a slight extra range that gives them an advantage over red. So, if you are majorly working with the sun on top, green beams will do a good job.

  • A bit costly but a better investment –

To be honest, green beam laser levels are any day expensive than the red ones. What makes green lasers pricey is their number of diodes and KTP crystals which are much more in comparison. Moreover, the components in the green lasers add up to the cost, which is much higher than those red laser levels.

  • Ideal to be used in round construction –

If you are involved with projects in regard to round construction, nothing can beat the option of using a green beam laser level. Even if you are willing to work on suspended and dry walling ceilings, green lasers will always be a reliable companion. A lot of people who blend interior and exterior work also prefer using green laser levels. So, with high output power along with an exclusive outdoor function, green beams will meet all exterior purposes.

  • Less power consumption –

In the last few years, there have been massive developments in the diode technology. Where the green lasers, on one hand, draw more power in comparison to red lasers, the former consumes minimal power and makes it quite convenient for workers in saving utility bills on the other hand. So, in terms of power consumption, green laser levels are far more advantageous than the red ones.

  • Works in a variety of applications –

Since red beams fall short in terms of their power, green laser beams are much powerful and can, therefore, meet a wide range of applications. Be it internal or external, walls or ceilings, green laser beams will always have an upper hand.


Now get rid of your old red laser level and bring home the green one to avoid straining your eyes like what you had been doing during the daytime. If you are, however, in a dilemma whether you should go for a green laser beam or not, keep no second thoughts and instead start looking for a good one to bring further improvements at work. You just need to decide whether you want to work indoors or outdoors or in both conditions. Accordingly, you can pick the right model and proceed. So, go for a green laser level with no hesitation and get accurate measurements you had ever expected.

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