Best Oscillating Tool Reviews 2019 (Top Picks With Comparison)

Owning an oscillating tool was up until recently a matter or prestige. The prices were high and the tool was used only by the professionals for few specific tasks, such as removing grout or making cutouts to the drywall sheets. The times have changed and the best oscillating tool is now popular among amateur DIY-ers as well. They have discovered that it can be used for many different tasks. At the same time, the prices have become much more affordable.

Although its main purpose is still to cut and de-grout, different manufacturers have designed various accessories to go with the oscillating tool, which makes it a must-have in everyone’s toolbox.

Best Rated Oscillating Tool Comparison Chart




DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

This is a best cordless oscillating tool that has many applications, including cutting, scraping, sanding and much more. It comes with the attachments that allow you to get the job done quickly and easily. It also has a brushless motor that delivers up to 57% more run time, as compared to the brushed model. You can easily control the speed and precision of the cut by using a dual-grip variable speed trigger.

When the power is off, you don’t have to worry about getting the job done. The batteries will get you going and the LED light will light up the area you need to work on.

Best Oscillating Tool

Features and Specifications

  • Powerful motor allows you to get the job done quickly and easily
  • Oscillating angle of 1.6 degrees
  • 0 to 20,000 oscillations per minute
  • It weighs 3.22 pounds and is 12.20 inches long
  • Adjustable speed allows for a better control and precision
  • The kit includes various accessories, which make this tool ideal for cutting, sanding, scraping etc.
  • It also comes with a built-in LED light that helps illuminate dark work surfaces
  • The accessories are interchangeable and you don’t need a wrench or any other tool to attach and detach them from the oscillating base


  • Multi-purpose tool with a quick-change accessory system
  • Dual-grip speed trigger for a better control and precision
  • Ideal tool for cutting, sanding and scraping
  • Cordless device that allows you to work in secluded places without having to worry about the proximity of the plug


  • Battery power may not provide enough work time to get the job done
  • The attachments can become hot when sanding


PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

This oscillating tool kit contains 52 different accessories, which make it exceptionally versatile device. The accessories are easily changed with no special tools needed and provide all the essential components for all kinds of projects. It is a corded electric device, with a cord of 10 feet in length. This means you will get the job done, far away from the plug, with no additional extension cords needed.

The attachments such as depth and cutting guide will help you complete tasks faster and with great precision. The blades changing system is tool-free for ease of use and convenience. The device is sold with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Oscillating Tool Reviews

Features and Specifications

  • The device weighs 7.7 pounds and is 11 inches long
  • The kit is comprised of a bare tool and 52 different accessories, which are easily attached and detached
  • The guiding system allows for a quick and precise cuts
  • It is corded electric device, with a cord of 10 feet in length
  • The base is universal fit and you can change the blades with ease
  • The 3 Amp motor will provide enough power to get the job done as quickly as possible
  • Upon your request you will receive a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Many different attachments add to the device’s versatility
  • you can change the accessories quickly, with no wrenches and bolts needed
  • the corded power means you can take as much time as you need to get the job done properly


  • the weight of this tool may cause fatigue in your arms after a while
  • it moves slowly through the hardwood


Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

This is a high-performance oscillating tool with 3.8 Amp motor for the most demanding tasks. The on and off switch is placed in front, so you can use it with one hand and maintain speed settings as it suits you. Different attachments provide diversity and make it a nice addition to any tool kit. You can change the accessories quickly, thanks to the special quick-lock system that holds the attachments secured in place.

The speed can be adjusted for different applications and materials, which provides you with an exceptional control and precision, thanks to the quick-boost feature.

dewalt oscillating tool

Features and Specifications

  • The product weighs 4.5 pounds and is 10.5 inches long
  • It is a corded-electric oscillating tool with 120 Volts charge
  • The blades are universal and are easily changed for many different applications
  • The quick-lock system holds all the parts in place, thanks to a strong magnet, which makes this tool safer and easier to use at the same time
  • Thanks to the accessories, you will be able to do all kinds of heavy-duty work with it
  • It provides great performance and gives an excellent value for your money


  • The kit contains 36 different accessories for various purposes, including heavy-duty tasks
  • Suitable for cutting, sanding, grinding, scraping, grout removal and more
  • With a 3.8 Amp motor, this tool has the highest power in its class
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty


  • The head of the tool tends to get out of alignment, especially if you try to use it on very hard materials


Fein FMM350QSL MultiMaster Top StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool

This oscillating tool kit contains a snap-fit accessory change feature, which makes it a versatile, safe and effective tool, suitable for all your projects. It has a power of 350 Watts and is strong enough to go through hard materials, such as concrete build-ups and hardwood flooring, for example. At the same time, this tool is very quiet and has very smooth oscillations.

You will have more control of the cut. You will also complete your projects quickly, without compromising the precision. The smooth vibration will compensate for the tool’s weight and you will feel no pain after using it.

best oscillating multi tool

Features and Specifications

  • The item weighs 3.2 pounds and is 13.2 inches long
  • It uses 120 Volts charge and has a power of 350 Watts
  • The kit contains many different attachments, which make it a versatile device
  • The accessory change is quick and safe, thanks to the snap-in feature
  • It is a perfect tool for all kinds of project, including renovation and other heavy-duty tasks
  • It comes with a cord of 16.4 feet, which minimizes the chance you will need an extension cord
  • The unit has adjustable variable speed to allow precise, powerful cuts through different materials


  • Versatile, multi-purpose device
  • The length of the cord allows you to move freely around and complete the tasks, without having to worry about the proximity of the plug
  • It weighs only 3.2 pounds and has a smooth vibration, so you will feel no fatigue


  • You cannot use standard blades from different manufacturer with it
  • Locking mechanism sometimes breaks down after a few months of use


Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

With this device, you will have even more power and control. This is due to the special feature that lets you select the optimal oscillation angle for each individual task. Not only that, you can also adjust the variable speed settings to achieve the perfect precision. At 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute, a powerful 4.2 Amp motor provides effortless work and won’t stall under heavy loads.

The attachments are held in place by a powerful hyperlock system, which applies 1 ton of clamping force to them. The blades and other accessories are easily attached and detached. In addition to that, the device accepts all major brands of blades, as well.

oscillating cutting tool

Features and Specifications

  • The tool weighs 3.3 pounds and is 11.6 inches long
  • It is corded electric device
  • You can adjust the oscillating angle for a better precision and more cutting power
  • It comes with 10 different attachments that are held together with a powerful locking system
  • The parts are easily changed, with no screws and bolts required
  • The universal blade fit system allows you to use blades from other manufacturers, as well
  • The motor is powerful and won’t stall under a heavy load
  • It is suitable for cutting, sanding, scraping, grout removal and more


  • Powerful tool with adjustable oscillating angles for powerful and precise cuts
  • The attachments are held in place by a strong locking system
  • You can use the attachments from other manufacturers as well
  • It is a versatile tool, suitable for all kinds of projects


  • The tool is very loud
  • Changing of the attachments may be troublesome
  • Blades wear out relatively fast
  • The product is powered only on 110 Volts


Bosch GOP40-30C Starlockplus 4.0 Amp Oscillating MultiTool Kit

This oscillating tool is excellent for heavy-duty tasks. It has a Starlock tool accessory interface that provides tight grip and more torque transfer for difficult tasks. It reaches speed of up to 20,000 oscillations per minute and accomplishes various tasks, thanks to different attachments. You can easily replace the attachments, due to the fact it contains a snap-in accessory that doesn’t require any additional tools. The attachments are just snapped in place and when you wish to replace them, simply release the lever.

This means you don’t have to touch and hold the actual attachment, so the chances of you getting burned or hurt in some other way are minimal.

best rated oscillating tool

Features and Specifications

  • It weighs 3.3 pounds and is 3.8 inches long
  • It operates on 120 Volts and comes with a cord
  • The kit contains 32 different accessories, which makes it a very versatile and useful device to have in your tool box
  • The torque transfer is improved, so you will have a better performance
  • It has a powerful motor and cuts, grinds, sands down and scrapes every type of surface with speed and precision
  • It is designed in such way to allow flexible positioning and cutting from different angles


  • 32 different attachments in the kit make it an excellent and versatile tool
  • The attachments are simply snapped-on and off with the help of a lever, so you don’t have to touch them and risk getting hurt


  • It takes some practice to learn how to use it and cut with precision
  • It uses only original blades


How to Choose the Good Oscillating Tool

When you start searching for the oscillating tool that will be right for you and the type of projects you wish to use it on, you will see that there are many options on the market and lots of models to choose from.

  • Useful Accessories and Features

Most of the oscillating tools available on the market come in form of kits. These kits contain anywhere between 10 and 50 different attachments that provide great versatility.

However, the most important thing to look out for is the quality of the blades and the additional features each specific device provides. For example, some of the devices come with a handy roller guide, which helps you cut with greater precision and protect the surfaces against you cut with.

  • Power Source

Although manufacturers emphasize the power of motors used in their devices, you can pretty much disregard this when choosing the tool for you. Differences between models are so slight that you won’t notice much difference in their performance.

On the other hand, when you are choosing a corded or cordless model, you should think long and hard about the type of work you will use the device for. We suggest using the corded model for two main reasons.

The first one is that batteries add weight to the device and you will feel fatigue in your arms after a while. The other one is the fact batteries last only up to two hours before you need to recharge them. In our experience, you will hardly get anything done in this short period of time.

  • Cost

If you are thinking about how much you should spend, know that there are many excellent tools available at very affordable prices.

As we have already mentioned, more powerful models cost more, but do not provide much difference in performance. On the other hand, you should spend more to buy a tool with adjustable oscillating angle, less vibration and a tool that is lighter and more comfortable to use.

  • Oscillating Angle

The oscillating angle is one of the most important features. It tells you how much different blades will travel from side to side. The greater this angle is, the more cutting power the tool will have and it will cut faster. On the other hand, the models that feature smaller oscillating angle have different useful features – they run smoother and tend to vibrate less.

  • The Type of Blades

No matter which model you choose, you have to be aware that the blades will the most expensive part on it. That is why you need to make sure you get the model with high-quality attachments. The additional perk is if the model can use blades from different manufacturers as well.


An oscillating tool is not reserved only for the professionals. With the prices dropping and many models available on the market today, everyone should make it a standard part of their tool box. Oscillating tools are most commonly sold in the form of tool kits and come with multiple interchangeable attachments. This makes them versatile and suitable for many types of projects.

When choosing the best tool for you, focus on the features such as oscillating angle, quality of the blades and features of the locking system. Keep in mind that the power of the motor is a secondary feature and makes not much of a difference in performance.

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