Best Rotary Tool Reviews 2020 – Dremel Tool Comparison

Rotary tools are power tools to rotate a range of bits along with other attachments. Experts prefer rotary tools to drill, polish, carve, sand and cut. These tools need a compressed motor, gasoline engine or electric motor to get power. Stationary rotary gears are necessary for metal workers to slice smooth pieces of a metal sheet.

These tools are equally useful for plastic, ceramic, metal and wood surfaces. Small rotary gears operate at lower RPM (revolutions per minute) to ensure secure cutting conditions for tool bits. These are handheld tools with one rotary tip to accept unnumbered of attachments. The device is available in compact sizes for versatility and high speed.

Top Rated Rotary Tool Comparison Chart

  • Dremel 4000-2/30
  • Motor: 1.6 amps
  • Variable Speed: 5,000 - 35,000 RPM
  • Accessory Change System: EZ Twist Nose Cap
  • Collet Capacities: 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
  • Proxxon 38481
  • Motor: 0.9 amps
  • Variable Speed: 5,000 - 20,000 RPM
  • Accessory Change System: Wrench
  • Collet Capacities: 1/32", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8"
  • Milwaukee 2460-21
  • Motor: 12V
  • Variable Speed: 5,000 - 32,000 RPM
  • Accessory Change System: Wrench
  • Collet Capacities: 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
  • Dremel 8220-1/28
  • Motor: 12V
  • Variable Speed: 5,000 - 35,000 RPM
  • Accessory Change System: EZ Twist Nose Cap
  • Collet Capacities: 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
  • Hitachi GP10DL
  • Motor: 10.8V
  • Variable Speed: 5,000 - 35,000 RPM
  • Accessory Change System: Wrench
  • Collet Capacities: 1/8"

Best 10 Rotary Tool Reviews


Dremel Rotary Tool 4000-2/30 Kit with Flex Shaft Add-on and Accessory Kit

The 4000 Dremel variable-speed rotary instrument kit offers versatility and highest performance of rotary tools of Dremel. The strength of motor and electrical feedback circuitry allows consistent performance at all levels of speed. Ergonomics consists of a slender design that offers a 360-degree grasp region for maximum control and comfort.

This model is suitable to use with all Dremel rotary gear attachments and accessories along with high-performance add-ons. It allows you to get maximum advantage of your rotary tools. These tools come with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

best rotary tool

Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable speed between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM
  • Convenient speed dial features
  • Attuned to almost all Dremel attachments and accessories
  • Two Dremel attachments and 30 accessories
  • Available with the reusable case for storage along with 160 accessories
  • Good to hang on your wall via hook or stand upright
  • Good for carving, grinding, polishing, sanding and cutting
  • Moto Tool Shaft Flex
  • Convenient to use
  • Chinese Manufacturer
  • Warranty for two years
  • Improved performance and torque with electronic feedback


  • 360-degree ergonomic grip zone
  • Powerful and versatile tool for intricate and accurate work
  • Suitable for sanding, polishing, cutting and carving


  • May produce a loud noise

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Dremel High-Performance 4300-5/40 Rotary Tool Gear

Whether engraving or carving hard or soft materials, Dremel becomes an ideal accessory for each application. With high-speed shears, it is good for slotting, grooving, hollowing, shaping and making conical holes in woods, soft metals, and plastics. Tungsten Carbide Shears are highly recommended for material removal, smoothing and shaping hard materials, such as cast iron and stainless steel.

Many engraving cutters are available for hard and soft materials to tackle each project. Pivot light revolves to brighten your project and enhance visibility during dark applications. With variable speed, you can get electronic feedback for steady performance.

rotary tool reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Widespread 3-jaw wedge suitable for lots of Dremel accessories
  • Powerful motor with variable speed and electronic feedback for excellent performance
  • Good for demanding applications
  • Rotating hinge light for optimum illumination
  • Construction of ball bearing is Cool running for quiet and smooth operation
  • Increase the life of tool with disposable motor brushes
  • 2-year warranty with amazing customer support
  • Item weighs 1.18 pounds
  • 120 volts voltage
  • Corded electric power source
  • 72-inches length of cord


  • 3-jaw universal chuck permits convenient and easy alteration of accessories without any wrench
  • Pivot Light decreases the chances of mistakes in darker areas
  • Tools work smoothly and quietly with its reshaped airflow system


  • Tools are heavier and larger
  • Can be difficult to handle for a longer duration on fine carving

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Ubante Variable Speed U300 Rotary Gear Kit

UBANTE-U300 is an ideal device for a variety of crafting and around-the-house projects. This comfortable, lightweight and compact gear kit is convenient to handle. You can improve crafting jobs of your house. The rotary gear can drill, sharpen, engrave, polish, clean, carve, grind, sand and cut.

It can shape and smooth workpieces, eradicate corrosion and rust from old metals. These tools help you to create drywall cutouts. Rotary tools of UBANTE are ideal for use around the job site, workshop, and home. You can use it for different purposes, such as engraving your glass mirror, handmade necklace and clean the pieces of antique furniture.

dremel tool comparison chart

Features and Specifications:

  • Ideal for grinding, deburring, drilling, shaping, polishing, sanding and cutting
  • Variable speeds between 10,000 and 37,000 RPM
  • Wattage is 180W, and voltage is 110V
  • Motor for excellent performance at different speeds
  • Electrical feedback for steady speed
  • Maximum precision and control
  • Suitable for all rotary UBANTE gear accessories and attachments
  • Ideal for DIY projects to work in garage or home
  • Limited 2-year warranty to cover artistry issues and defects


  • Universal collet for standard accessories
  • Convenient to control and use while working
  • Handy and lightweight for almost each project
  • Limited warranty for 2 years
  • High-speed cutters for slotting, grooving, hollowing, and shaping


  • Accessories of rotary gears may not cover all crafting tasks

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Proxxon Professional 38481 Rotary Tools

The professional grinder Proxxon is a powerful and smooth handheld rotary gear. With exceptional quality and features, these rotary tools are ideal for professional projects and hobbies. Quiet and lightweight gears are capable of extraordinary torque even at minimum speeds. The well-balanced gears of Proxxon include 34 accessories that may be good for engraving, polishing, and grinding.

With 34 industrial-grade cutters, bits (including six steel triple-slit collects covering 1/32” to 1/8”, and one electric speed control make it a versatile tool. You can use these tools in any workshop for multiple projects that need intricate details, such as engraving, etching or carving.

proxxon rotary tool

Features and Specifications:

  • Available with six high concentrically steel collets (1/8, 7/64, 3/3-2, 5/64, 1/16 and 1/32-inch)
  • The blow-molded case for storage
  • Industrial quality 34 cutters and bit
  • Ideal for engraving, cutting, cleaning, polishing and grinding
  • High-revving motor-powered device with full-wave electric speed control
  • 5,000 and 20,000 RPM
  • 60HZ and 1/8 horsepower
  • 110 to 120 VAC
  • 3 pounds and 9” long
  • Low-speed motor for cutting, brushing and high speeds to manage heavy-duty works like milling and grinding


  • Quiet and vibration-free operations
  • Storage case for maximum security
  • Powerful 1/8-horsepower durable motor
  • Superbly crafted collets that decrease the need for extra tightening
  • Electric speed control
  • High-speed is ideal for carving


  • A few users complaint about faster worn-out of accessories

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Milwaukee 12-Volt M12 2460-21 Rotary Gear Kit

Rotary gear kit of Milwaukee is easy to use the product. This durable product is constructed in China. The new type of rotary gears is developed by leveraging their heritage in the die and straight pounders. M12 cordless rotary tools with LITHIUM-ION utilizes one powerful motor and REDLITHIUM battery of Milwaukee. This technology provides unmatched performance and escalates runtime.

The versatility and size of M12 LITHIUM-ION Cordless Rotary Tools make them indispensable choices for remodelers, plumbers, electricians, and maintenance contractors. The gear runs between 5,000 and 32,000 RPM. It comes with an adjustable speed dial for better fluid control. The collet is compatible with 1/32” to 1/8” shank accessories for polishing, sanding, grinding and cutting solutions.

milwaukee rotary tool kit

Features and Specifications:

  • The product is convenient to use
  • Durable product
  • Gears are manufactured in China
  • The unmatched performance of the powerful motor under load
  • 1/8” collet is compatible with present rotary gear accessories
  • Flexible speed (5,000 to 32,000)
  • Almost 10% faster performance than its competitors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3 pounds weight and 9.5 inches long
  • Grinder style dissipate ports and secured front bearing for 10X better tool life


  • Lightweight, compact and solid design
  • Convenient to control
  • Powerful performance
  • Compatible with lots of Dremel accessories


  • Mandrel and collet are of low-quality

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Dremel 12-Volt 8220-1/28 Cordless Max Rotary Tool

If you need versatile rotary tools, you must try Dremel 8220-1/28 gears. These are good to cut any material because particular cutting accessory Dremel is available. You can use suitable cutting accessories of Dremel. These are used to reduce grout, tile, drywall, hard epoxy, ceramics, porcelain, brick, concrete, marble, wood, and metal.

The gears use 12 volts of battery power with Lithium-Ion technology. The battery can hold the charge for almost two years without memory effects system for charging. Special Lithium-ion battery is versatile for cordless performance. For quick accessory changes, a nose cap wrench is available.

Flexible speed and separate on and off switch can make it an ideal choice. You can get versatility and precision with these rotary tools. You can use it with all Dremel attachment and accessories.

dremel reviews 2019

Features and Specifications:

  • Compact weight and size allows access to tight areas and decreases fatigue
  • High-quality material is used in the manufacturing of this product
  • It is compatible with Dremel attachments and accessories
  • Instant collet lock for quick accessory changes
  • 1-hour charger for negligible downtime
  • High-performance powerful motor for lots of demanding applications
  • Kit has 1-hour charger, 28 accessories, 12V lithium-ion battery and carrying case
  • Useful for all Dremel attachments and accessories
  • Instant collet lock for quick changes of accessory


  • Convenient to use and handy
  • Available with comfy grasp zone for better handling and control
  • The tool takes Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Amazing value for money


  • Can be heavy
  • 1-hour charging time is twice than the charging time of Milwaukee M12

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Hitachi GP10DL 12-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Peak Variable Rotary Tool

The GP10DL of Hitachi is a 12-volt cordless Lithium-ion micro grinder is the epitome of precision and comfort. The soft and slim grip handle and anti-vibration innovative technology combine to produce a sensation of control and comfort. The GP10DL rotary tools use Lithium-Ion batteries for steady power throughout the charge. It offers three times better battery life and light in weight.

The rotary tools deliver almost 35,000-RPM no-load speed controlled by one adjustable speed dial. The GP10DL comes with an integrated LED light to illuminate dark workspaces. This tool features light indicator for a low battery to warn about little run time. The Lithium-Ion recharging battery takes almost 40 minutes for a small charge.

hitachi rotary tool

Features and Specifications:

  • 5 Ah battery of Lithium Ion for an extended battery life
  • The tools are lightweight and offer steady power throughout its charge
  • Flexible speed dial permits users to control the speed between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Only 8 3/16” length and 1.06 pounds to comfortably fit in tight spaces
  • Integrated light for better visibility in dark workspace
  • Advanced anti-vibration scheme to increase total control and comfort
  • Soft slim grip handle to decrease fatigue and improve comfort
  • Indicator light to notify about low battery and decreased run time
  • Little charge time for only 40 minutes to increase productivity
  • Lifetime warranty for Lithium Ion gear and 2-year warranty for Lithium-Ion battery


  • The tool is convenient to use and light at 0.48 Kgs
  • Comes with a set of 40-piece add-on for sanding, grinding, cutting and polishing
  • Built-in LED light to increase visibility in dark working areas


  • Motor shaft may break at consistent high speed while doing heavy tasks

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WEN Rotary Tool 2305 Kit With Stretch Shaft

Rotary gear kit of WEN features variable speed to perform different tasks, such as polishing, drilling, engraving, grinding and cutting. Regarding power and versatility, this is an ideal rotary tool. It proves helpful to remove corrosion from rusty stuff.

You can trim toenails of your dog or engrave pretty images into the window of your neighbor. The Rotary Tool of WEN offers numerous possibilities. The tool is equipped with more than 80 accessories, and this package provides a variety of discs and bits to meet the needs of different projects.

wen 2305 rotary tool kit with flex shaft

Features and Specifications:

  • Variable speed of rotary tools may vary between 8,000 to 30,000 RPM.
  • You can control its speed with the help of a knob.
  • Intricate and lightweight design is convenient to execute and allow you to carve simple to complex models into steel, wood, plastic, and glass.
  • Ideal for grinding, deburring, drilling, shaping, polishing, sanding and cutting
  • Comes with a set of 100-piece add-ons, such as sanding discs, bits, mandrels, and polishing pads
  • Spindle onboard lock is necessary for easy and quick bit changes
  • Attach integrated flex shaft for precision and intricate details


  • A wide range of accessories are available
  • Good for Dremel attachments
  • Lightweight design for convenience and maximum comfort
  • Smoothly runs and work quietly


  • Cutting and sanding attachments may last for a few uses only
  • Inadequate ventilation may require mesh screening

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Black and Decker 3-Speed RTX-B-3 Rotary Gear Kit

If you want to do your crafting jobs quickly, you can consider black and Decker RTX-B-3 rotary gear kit. You can use them for a variety of crafting projects in your house. These are lightweight, compact and comfy to handle. With RTX-B, you can manage different activities, such as drilling, sharpening, engraving, polishing, cleaning, carving, grinding, sanding and cutting.

You can quickly shape and smooth your workpieces and remove any corrosion or rust from old metals. If you want to create drywall stencils, this can be a useful tool for you to use at the job site, in a workshop or around your home. Three speeds are available for precision and controlled operations. Three available speeds are 12,000, 24,000 along with 30,000 RPM.

black and decker rtx rotary tool

Features and Specifications:

  • Imported rotary tools
  • RTX rotary speed tool includes a storage bag, five accessories, wrench and user guide
  • Flip-lock exclusive spindle system for quick lock and convenient change of attachment
  • Decrease the need to hold down a button awkwardly
  • Particular collet system for standard rotary gears
  • High torque and powerful motor
  • Three speeds for fantastic precision in applications


  • Avoid accidental movement of tools with flip and lock system
  • Durable design with rubberized textured, smooth grip for control and comfort
  • Conveniently change accessories


  • Comes with five accessories only
  • Need an extra accessory kit

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Dremel Two-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool with Accessory Kit

If you want cordless rotary tools, you can consider two-speed Dremel Cordless gears. These are available with two speeds, such as 6,500 RPM and 13,000 RPM. This machine is ideal simple tasks that demand minimum power like sanding small exteriors, cutting plastics and grooming your domesticated animal.

Cordless rotary gears need batteries for their work. You can use these tools anywhere without installing an outlet. A cordless rotary tool is less powerful than corded rotary tools. Cordless models need consistent maintenance because you have to change its batteries on a regular basis to ensure proper working with rotary tools.

dremel 4000 vs 4300

Features and Specifications:

  • Small cordless rotary tools
  • 1/8” Collet
  • Compatible to use with Dremel bit add-ons
  • Ideal for finer work and delicate tasks
  • Two speeds, 6,500 & 13,000 RPM
  • Frivolous plastic house
  • Available with 110 accessories and comfortable storage case
  • Hang on your wall via hook or put upright
  • Good for cleaning, grinding, polishing, sanding and cutting
  • Convenient for mobile use
  • Ideal tool for outdoor works
  • Output range between 4.8 and 18 volts


  • A handy gear for simple applications
  • Compact and lightweight design for convenient handling
  • Removable battery to use extra packs for consistent use


  • Not good for heavy-duty and large projects

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How to Choose the Best Rotary Tools?

The market is flooded with rotary tools of different types and prices. Cheap rotary tools require you to compromise over quality and durability. If you want to get the best value for your money, you must try to buy the best rotary tools. Here are some significant factors to purchase reliable rotary tools:

  • In the first step, you have to think about the type of work that you are intended to do with rotary tools. For instance, the electrical rotary device is suitable for professionals who want to use it on a regular basis. Corded tools offer unlimited power for different applications, such as cutting, sanding, and cleaning. Moreover, cordless tools are useful for the DIY project around your house.
  • You must choose convenient to use rotary tools, such as change of accessories and attachment should be easy. While narrowing down available options, you have to consider the models that don’t require a wrench during changing process. Choose those corded models that are light in weight with a firm grip.
  • If your project needs portable tools, you can consider cordless rotary gear. You have to charge cordless models frequently as per your need. For projects like cutting drywall, you have to choose a comfortable handle grip and ergonomic design. These factors are essential to consider because you have to work for more extended hours.
  • The significance of power and speed may depend on your projects. For extended working hours, you must consider an electric version with good speed. The electronic versions often come with adjustable speeds ranging between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM. The faster speed is necessary for easy and simple jobs, and slower speeds allow you to increase accuracy in your work.
  • Many manufacturers offer extra features to increase the functionality and importance of their rotary tools over basic models. You must consider the specifications and details of products. Carefully read the manual of the manufacturer to learn about extra features in the tool. It will help you to evaluate the value of your selected rotary tools.
  • Another important component is attachments and accessories. Many rotary tool creators include different attachments with these tools. Some include almost 100 accessories and attachments. It is important to consider your need and check the quality of tool that you will need for frequent use. You may purchase separate attachment kits if your desired accessories are missing. A set of rotary tools must have cutting wheels, sanding pads and saw attachments. You can check customer comments and reviews to know about the quality of attachments.
  • Affordability is another important factor while considering product specifications and kit contents. It is important to consider your capacity to spend on rotary tools you may find notable brands like Dremel, Black and Decker, Dewalt and Hitachi can be expensive than other brands. If you have a good budget, you can consider famous brands than less prominent brands. Some highly priced rotary tools are armed with numerous accessories and attachments.


FAQs About Rotary Tools

Should someone consider a tool with a single speed?

Numerous rotary tools come with a consistent speed 35,000 RPM. It will be an economical option for high-speed accessories. These tools are useful for reinforced fiberglass cut-off wheel. An accessory with slow speed can’t help you to get desired results.

What is the exact purpose of cutting guide accessory?

The accessory of cutting guide is designed for assistance of users to maintain depth while using spiral saw cutting attachments, such as ceramic wall tile, multipurpose and drywall.

What is the main difference between 8050, 8100 and 8220 of Dremel?

These models share lots of similarities, but kick control of 8220 is better than 8050 and 8100. They use lithium-ion power, such as 8220 is 12V Max pack of battery that is removable. The max removable pack of the battery contained 8Vmax battery. All tools have similar collets and work with a keyless chuck. If you need high-performance accessories, you can choose 8220 Dremel. This model has a one-speed slide with on and off switch. You can get excellent speed to work quickly on your projects. With on/off switch, the 8220 locks out its collet or shaft lock appliance. It will decrease the chances of accidents that can damage tools.

Are corded or cordless rotatory tools better?

You have to consider your project, such as if you want to use rotary tools to craft different objects while sitting at a desk or table, you will need sturdy corded models. For remodeling projects, it can be challenging to ensure that you have an outlet near you. In this situation, you can consider the cordless model. If you need powerful tools, you can consider corded models.

What are essential accessories for rotary tools?

You must have safety glasses to use these tools. You may need to purchase extra attachments to increase your convenience. To improve the functionality of your rotary devices, you must consider additional accessories. Check the manufacturer to find out compatible attachments with your model.

Can you use rotary tools for glass cutting?

Yes, rotary tools are useful for glass cutting, but you must have a wheel or diamond bit. These don’t have basic rotary gear kits so you must purchase sets of bits or bits separately.


If you need the best rotary tool, you can consider the top 10 rotary tools reviewed in this article. As a general rule of thumb, you must find the requirement of your projects. If you want rotary devices for regular use or extended periods, you should consider high-end tools with a cord. These are good for durability and functionality.

You may consider different Dremel models, such as 4200 or 4000. These are full-featured rotary gears. For occasional use, you can choose lighter duty models, such as cordless rotary tools. The 4200 Dremel features an exclusive method to quickly change the similar size shank accessory known as EZ change. It has a different nose on the tool and particular style collet.

With this feature, the user can pull back or release on two small levers on tool’s housing to remove or loosen the accessory. You can tighten the accessory by pulling it forward toward the nose of the tool. This feature allows you to save time while switching from one attachment to another. On the other hand, model 4000 comes with standard collets that are secured to their place by one collet nut threaded on the gear.

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