Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer Reviews


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Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer Reviews

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This shows how concerned Bosch is to bring to you the best technology for your work. The company is dedicated to provide novelties for an associated life. Bosch increases value of life universally with services and products which are advanced and flash enthusiasm in its users.

The company offers a variety of line laser levels, point lasers and rotary levels with features which range from manual to self-levelling, vertical and horizontal alignments, single and double lasers, red and green LED’s and many more.

The Bosch GLR 225 laser measurer assists its user to do a full interior measuring. The accuracy of the device is up to 225 feet and the seven measuring tools in the system can help in completing the measurement job in no time.

There is a swing-out extension pin for those problematic dimensions in the inside corners, the users can measure them with ease. The Bosch GLR225 can handle many measurements at one go because the average battery life of the device is for 30,000 measurements. GLR225 is one of the best Bosch laser measure one can own.

Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer Reviews


  • The Bosh GLR225 is one of the best laser level in the market. It is pocket-sized small 4” laser level which runs on 4 AAA batteries.
  • The device has a range of 225 feet and has 7 measuring modes and 4 reference points which can be used to get different measurements up to the range of 225 feet.
  • Bosch laser measure eradicates the necessity of making conversions as the range finder displays measurements in many formats.
  • Despite its small pocketable size the accuracy of this laser level is +/-1/16” (1.5mm) and has a range of +/-2” to 230 feet(0.05mm to 70m).
  • The Bosh GLR225 features a multi-surface area mode and has the ability if calculating the total area of many individual surfaces that have a common height or length.
  • There are seven measuring modes in this laser level which include area, indirect length, continuous, length, volume, min/max, and multi-surface area measurements for multipurpose uses.
  • It also features an in-built bubble which delivers visual reference while measuring horizontal distances.
  • This best laser level is loaded with such wonderful features and weighs just 14.9 ounces.
  • There are four systems of measurement in the Bosch GLR225 – feet, metric, decimal feet and feet and inches.


  • Besides the availability of metric units which are already available inches only readout.
  • The small bubble level makes the measurements more accurate.
  • There is an extra 50 feet capacity of distance in this version than the previous one which was capable only for a distance of 165 feet.
  • There is a metal pin present in the Bosh GLR225 unlike the other models of laser levels.
  • The battery life is amazingly long which lasts you 30,000 measurements.


  • The keypad is tremendously mawkish as it is made up of plastic buttons, which could fail much sooner than you could expect. The buttons are very awkward and ambiguous to use.
  • The time to take a measurement is slower than the previous models of Bosch. Even when the conditions are good the laser level takes quite some time to respond. The earlier models captured measurements promptly in good circumstances.
  • There is no backlight in the Bosch GLR225 and might not be easy to use in areas which are not properly lit.
  • The pouch into which the laser level fits has plastic panels and needs to be stretched to enable the unit to fit inside. It might be uncomfortable for you to carry it around in your belt if you have to take a few measurements all around the jobsite.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

Question: Can the device be used to measure in the night in a dark or shinny areas?

Answer: A flashlight can be used or a mobile torch while operating the device in low-lit areas.

Question: Can it be used at home?

Answer: Yes the device can be easily used to measure home. The results are accurate and better than using measurement tapes.

Question: Can it be used to measure inches, meter and wide?

Answer: Yes the Bosch GLR225 is equipped to do so and you can measure in both inches and meter and also the width.

Final Verdict:

The pocket laser measurer is easy to master; all you need to do is point, click and measure. The device has a large graphical display which can be read easily and a strategic keyboard which has placed most of the functions within your reach.

There is a metal swing-out extension pin for you to measure from inside corners or the center of an elective tripod or channels. The distance of 230 feet is measured accurately and easily convertible units in inches, metric, decimal feet and feet and inches are available on just a click of a button.

The measuring modes have made it versatile and the ability to calculate the total area of many individual surfaces with the same height or length and the maximum or minimum mode perfect measures to the longest or shortest distance from a particular reference point, which is very important when there are circumstances of diagonals and plumb lines.

The device is IP54 rated which means it is secure from water and dust which means a longer life for the Bosch GLR225. You are hands-free while carrying it around as it fits in your pocket. A must buy to make your measurements quick and easy.

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