Bosch GRL400HCK Exterior Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Reviews


Nowadays, competition is rising very quickly in every field. It is also applied on the manufacturing and marketing of power tools such as rotary laser levels, welders, etc. In such intense competitions, Bosch rotary laser level has successfully managed to hold the market for more than a century now. Before 2013, it was still being sold under a different name since more than a century. As Bosch Group Corporation was formed in 2013, this product is being sold under their name since then.

Such intensive competition and variety in products make it hard for the customer to choose best laser level for themselves. No products are good or bad. We always need to seek for a product that fits best according to our usage requirements.

bosch rotary laser level

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Every aspect needs to be considered. This best rotary laser level review is totally dedicated to review a single product. Every small aspect related to Bosch GRL400HCK would be considered. We hope that this rotary laser level review would definitely help you to figure out if this product fits in your best laser level criteria or not.


  • It comes with patented dual laser system of Bosch products. Dual laser system allows us to use both horizontal lasers together and individually as well.
  • The product is compatible for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes along with smart pendulum leveling system. This system allows the unit for self-leveling, sensing and indicating out of level conditions. This system automatically locks the unit whenever it is switched of, in order to prevent damage in unusable stage.
  • This product is packed with another patented feature of Bosch Corporation named motorized micro fine plumb alignment. This feature simply allows you to adjust left beam or right beam without even moving the main unit even an inch. The main unit does not require to be relocated in order to adjust these beams.
  • Design of the product is made to help the unit dependable even after years of use. The protection is upgraded with robust design and glass enclosed cage, which protects the interior parts of the unit. The product is IP56 certified.
  • Just like any other Bosch product beam speed and length of this beam is highly adjustable. Rotation speed can be adjusted to three various options that are 350, 600 and 1200 RPM. These tweaks are very useful to make the device compatible for various applications and to adjust the visibility of the laser to match various and sometimes tough light conditions.
  • It comes with a RCR1 RF remote control with a range of 500-feets.

Since their first product was launched that was a Bosch rotary laser level, they kept innovating and presented new featured in every new launch of theirs. While flooding up their products with features they never underestimated the quality.

This is the main reason, why they were capable of holding the market for an entire century with the same revenues and responses.

Here is what some users of Bosch GRL400HCK have to say:

  • It is very handy to use, comes with an eight feet long grade rod. I used it to build a small playhouse for children and in my gardening works at barn; it works great for these purposes.
  • The laser remains visible in outdoors at a 50-100 level sunlight conditions since the tool is designed to use for exterior workouts. If the laser is not visible properly in intense sun conditions, it is recommended to wear laser enhancing glasses or experimenting with various rotating speed and length tweaks.
  • The unit is very similar to expensive laser units out there. It is really easy in terms of operating, moving and assembling / setting up to use.

These reviews are not generated in order to promote the products, they are legit user reviews posted on online commercial from online sellers and commercial sites.

After knowing so much about the product, here is some note about the manufacturer:

Bosch group is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of technology and services. It works in the area of automotive – industrial technology, consumer goods, building technology, etc. Bosch group holds more than 350 sub companies and regional companies under its roof, spread over 60 countries.

This corporation was formed in North America in January, 2003 when Robert Bosch the respected manufacturer of power tools, lawn accessories and garden accessories decided to get all his manufacturing plants under a single name and roof.

The corporation gained quite a respect easily through its engineering excellence and more than hundred years of experience. It is now a leading manufacturer, designer and seller of rotary and oscillating tools, power tools, laser and optical leveling and range finding tools, accessories, and watering and garden equipment as well.

It should be noticed that this product will never match the high quality expensive products. But a thing is sure that the price you will pay will totally worth the quality and features you will get.

This Bosch rotary laser level is one of the most sold products from Bosch group every year. It will definitely help you in order to figure out if this products really fits best in your criteria or not.

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