How to Choose a Rotary Laser Level for Outdoor Use?


Rotary lasers generally produce a level line about the whole room in 360 degrees. Rotary Lasers are normally a bit bigger and are fixed on strong surveying tripods. A good Rotary Laser Level is an important tool for any construction site or professionals who want a perfect and precise alignment in their tasks or project. It helps the professional to do their jobs accurately that cannot be reached with normal eyes.

Contactors, landscape designers, architects, and structural engineers require sophisticated models of line laser’s that offer better durability, flexibility and are reliable. Construction projects will require outdoor applications such as earthwork and pouring concrete. Outdoor jobs comprise of grading like building fences, decks and brick or stone patios need a great deal of accuracy. The laser level for such jobs needs to be versatile.

Keep in mind to look out for features like multiple speed selection, bright and visible beam, accurate, having maximum range, good battery life and quick leveling while purchasing a line laser to use outdoor.

Some of the key features of Rotary laser level for Outdoor are:

  • Self-leveling

Physical leveling could consume a lot of time and energy and the self leveling feature of a laser level helps the user save a lot of time as the laser levels detect the range themselves up to a certain range. They use gravity to determine the levels and get much accurate results.

  • Single Speed Rotary Lasers

While performing outdoor work you need one speed laser level, which should be fast. A laser level line cannot be seen by the human eye outside or when the sun is shining bright. For a user to detect the laser line the RPM should at least be 600.

  • Bump Alarm

If someone accidentally bumps into your laser level it might affect the level or the height of the Rotary laser level. A bump alarm feature will warn you about your laser level being disturbed, in the form of a light flashing or putting off the laser completely.

  • Green Laser

Although it might cost a bit high the results of a green laser is always accurate, clean and sharp. It is visible in a longer distance without you having to do a lot of sets ups, saving you a lot of time.

  • Work Without Interruption

The green light and self-leveling features will cost you a lot of battery life but will definitely make your work much-much easier. The tools are now manufactured with built-in batteries so make sure you are able to use the laser level while charging the batteries too.

  • Beams

The best rotary level laser is the one with one or two beams. The one beam laser level has a horizontal beam for leveling whereas the two beam laser level has a second plumb beam that comes out of the top of the first laser which is used to determine plumbs.

How to Choose a Rotary Laser Level for Outdoor Use ?

Outdoor Laser Levels are Commonly Used By:


Rotary laser levels are a boon to the contractors; the tool has made their life so much easier by pointing the exact alignments for jobs such as:

  • Preparing the site by establishing grades and excavating
  • It comes in handy while retaining walls, landscaping and terracing
  • For Fine and rough grading
  • Rotary lasers work great while digging basements
  • They also help in setting footers and foundation of the building accurately
  • Excavating ponds and septic tanks.

Concrete Contractors

The contactors play a vital role in making a good concrete for the building and it is essential they had a tool for doing the work accurately. A bad concrete would lead to mishaps. A concrete contractor would require the laser level:

  • To measure, control and pour the exact amount of concrete
  • To check the exact plumb and alignment of concrete forms.

Deck Builders

Building a deck or patio is an important part in a building and the deck builders need accurate measures to do a decent job. With a good laser level the job can be handled by one person only. They use the laser level to:

  • Level the deck floor they have made
  • To create accurate footings diagonals for a deck or patio.


Farmers are no longer ancient and work with modern tools for better quality of work. A laser level tool helps them in:

  • Farmers living on slopes need the laser level to help them in Contour Farming
  • Leveling of the farm using the laser levels is required to have a good drainage system in the field of a farmer.

There are many excellent garden products on the market including best garden pruners. There are many laser levels available in the market; however we have listed the best rotary laser level keeping in mind the laser level reviews of the customers who have used them.

Bosch laser level| GRL500HCK

bosch laser level

The laser level has a two in one device; remote and receiver which makes it easy for one person to handle the tool. In order to achieve a consistent leveling for up to 1650 feet the GRL500HCK has a fully automatic centerline mode and automatic dial in slope. It features a theft alarm and has an in-built calibration reminder that helps the user on state of calibration and avoids some heavy mistakes.

DEWALT laser level |DW087K |Horizontal and Vertical Self-Leveling Line Laser

dewalt laser level

Dewalt laser level is one which you can rely on and robust. It is light weight and can be easily carried around. It can self level up to 5 degrees and is equipped with 3 AA batteries. You can check the squareness and straightness because of the two laser beams that the tool features.

Johnson |Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit |800 ft. Range Indoor/Outdoor

johnson laser level

The Johnson laser level is the best device for setting foundations, pouring concrete, plumb, align, deck leveling and so many more. It has a vertical plane with split beam of 60 degrees and features a locking mechanism that protects the inner pendulum while transporting it. It also comes with three rotational speeds to suit your needs; 200, 400 and 600 RPM.

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