Choosing a Line Laser Level for Indoor Use Only


Line laser levels can project lines vertically and horizontally. There are some that can project the lines in both the directions. Your selection of a laser level will primarily depend on your utilization of the tool. All line lasers are self-levelling and those that are of premium quality would also ensure that the different parts of the line laser level do not move or fall out when the tool is being transported or has to face tough handling. This is done by a locking compensator found in line laser levels of good quality.

The key features of line laser levels for indoor use are:

  • Projects a green or a red chalk line which can be horizontal, vertical or cross lines so that you can use the line laser level for a wide array of level or alignment applications.
  • All line laser levels except the Johnson Level 40-6616 are self-levelling lasers. This helps you in getting accurate readings quickly and easily. The fact that they can automatically find and maintain a level within a specific distance helps you reduce the time taken for alignments or levels.
  • When using line laser levels for indoor use, you may often come across the need to clamp the device somewhere so that you can use both your hands to do your work. You can either use these levels on a tripod or stick it to the wall if the bracket is magnetic.

Choosing a Line Laser Level for Indoor Use Only

The most common uses of Line Laser Levels for Indoor Use are:

  • Contractors

Contractors are the primary group of people who use line laser levels for indoor use. The fact that a host of work done by the contractors require levelling and alignments, this is a tool that they can hardly do without. Some of the most common applications of the line laser level for indoor use by contractors are:

  • Installing Drop ceilings with accuracy and ease
  • Aligning drywall panels with precision
  • Perfect alignment for the installation of sprinklers
  • Installation of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) equipment
  • Essential for correctly aligning the ceiling joists and rafters
  • Ensuring proper pasting of wallpapers and aligning stencils correctly to get the desired effect
  • For tiling your floor or walls without losing the alignment of the tiles with the floor or the wall

  • Electricians

They often require accurate measurements to make sure that homes and offices do not have crooked electrical outlets or switches. Conduit runs also need a lot of precision in the measurements. A line laser level can make all of this easy and quick, where you may end up getting everything done all by yourself instead of relying on help. Even track lighting can be installed very effectively with the help of lasers.

  • Glaziers

Glass looks elegant when installed properly. Glaziers have to work with a lot of accuracy to achieve a good look for the glass that they are installing. Be it a shower door or a curtain wall or using glass on the windows. The line laser level meant for indoor use can help you get the right measurements to make the glass you are fitting lovely.

  • Finish Carpenters

Some common uses of the line laser level for indoor use by finish carpenters are:

  • Accurate Cabinet and counter-top alignment
  • Installing soffits
  • Ensuring chair rails or trims are installed correctly so that it can function properly
  • Proper installation of closet shelves and doors
  • It is also helpful in panelling and wainscoting

Models Recommended for Indoor Use:

  • Johnson Level 40-6640 Self Level Cross Line Laser with GreenBrite Technology:

The best feature of this laser is its ultra-bright green beam which is almost 400% brighter than the red beam and makes working with this line laser level very easy. It can project both vertical and horizontal laser lines at the same time which ensures that it can be used in a wider variety of projects. This laser also has visible as well as audible alarm which helps you figure if it is beyond the levelling range. It has the locking mechanism required to protect the inner pendulum in the event of transportation or if the device falls. A manual mode on the device helps you tilt the lines to different angles. It is one of the best line laser levels for indoor use.

johnson laser level

  • Bosch Laser Level GLL2-20 S Self Levelling 360 degree Line and Cross Laser:

The feature that we love about this laser level is its 360 degree coverage. This means you do not have to move the laser level from one place to another too many times. Just one set up level can provide coverage for the entire room. The laser level reviews for this Bosch laser level proves that it is highly functional for indoor use.

bosch laser level

  • Dewalt Laser Level DW088K Self-Levelling Cross Line Laser:

It can do a lot of things with ease. Whether it is installing tiles on your wall or mapping your wall layout. This Dewalt laser level is very efficient. It has an inbuilt magnetic pivoting base which helps you mount this device on metal surfaces so that you can use both your hands freely for your work. It is very accurate and the self-levelling feature of the laser level makes levelling quick and easy. If it is beyond levelling range it will indicate that by flashing so that you are aware that it is not level.

dewalt laser level dw088k


Line laser levels that are being used indoors can function well with tripods because you may require the laser level to be held at a height to take certain measurements or use them for alignment of objects that are going to be at a height.

  • Mounting brackets:

If you need to use the laser levels for ceiling installation or for measuring something on the wall or alignment for tiles on the wall, then a mounting bracket can be helpful. Some line laser levels may include the mounting brackets as an out of the box accessory but you may have to buy them separately for others. Usually tripods are bought separately too.

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