Choosing a Line Laser Level for Outdoor Use Only


A lot of construction jobs require outdoor use of the laser levels. While the use of line laser levels is not limited to construction only, there are certain aspects of the laser level that we must keep in mind when selecting one. An insight into the different models that can be used outside and how efficient they are helps us make informed decisions. The features that you are looking for will rely on the type of task that the laser level needs to accomplish. To make your layout less time consuming, choose a laser level that has all the features that you will need in the tool.

The primary features of line laser levels for outdoor use are:

  • The laser level projects a multiple chalk lines that can be green or red. These lines can be projected horizontally, vertically or cross lines which aids in putting the laser level to a broader selection of application.
  • The laser levels are self-levelling which means they are able to automatically find and maintain a level for a specified range. The 40-6616 is an exception here. Self-levelling line laser levels help you in getting quick and easy measurements without wasting time in manual alignments.
  • Laser levels that will be used outdoors often include a pulse feature which allows you to use these laser levels outside along with a detector. It is specifically helpful when you are working in daylight which may make it difficult for you to find the laser line without aid.
  • Using the laser level outside usually requires a detector which you will have to purchase separately. It helps in identifying laser lines in bright lighting conditions and when it is being used for longer distances.

Choosing a Line Laser Level for Outdoor Use Only

The most common application of the line laser level for outdoor use are:

  • Contractors

Line laser levels are primarily used outdoors by contractors who need to carry out a lot of levelling and alignment work when working on a site. Without the line laser level, contractors may end up spending a lot of time trying to get the correct alignment and check for the right measurements. Laser line levels for outdoor use are utilized by the contractors for the following purposes:

  • To assist in the layout of a site.
  • To easily check for land elevations.
  • Setting foundations and footings accurately.
  • To ensure that the concrete pours are levelled.
  • Excavations for septic tanks and basements.
  • To construct acoustical ceilings and for drywalls.

  • Builders

Builders put the line laser level to use when framing with metal studs or woods. They even require line lasers levels while working outdoors to align and plumb walls accurately. The line laser levels make work easy for them without having to regularly check if the walls that are being constructed are correctly aligned or not.

  • Deck Builders

The laser line level makes things easy for deck builders too. It can be operated without help so you do not need more people. It requires only one person to operate it and build the deck. Which helps the deck builders in being more efficient and makes them more productive because their work is accelerated with the help of the line laser level. Levelling deck floors and establishing diagonals and footings for decks or patios are the two foremost applications of the line laser levels for deck builders.

  • Farmers

The line laser levels are also helpful for farmers who are into contour farming. It is also helpful in other farms where drainage systems rely on line laser levels for accurate levelling.

  • Landscapers

Terracing and retaining walls are very common in landscaping projects. To make sure that the alignments are right, a line laser level becomes a helpful tool for landscapers.

Line Laser Level Models Recommended for Outdoor Use:

  • Johnson Laser Level 40-6662Quad Line Self-Levelling Cross Line Generator with Plumb Line: laser line level for outdoor use

This laser level can be rotated 360 degrees which allows for it to be used in a variety of applications without having to worry about the placement of the level. It also includes a locking mechanism which prevents the laser level from damaging the inner pendulum when it is being transported or if it falls.The 40-6662 projects three vertical lines, two horizontal lines as well as a plumb down beam concurrently. However they can also be projected individually. This self-levelling line laser level comes with visible as well as audible alarms when it is beyond the levelling range.

  • Bosch Level GLL 3-80 3 Plane Levelling Alignment Line Laser: best laser level outdoor use

This Bosch Line Laser is a complete level and alignment solution for those who need a line laser level for outdoor use. It is one of the best laser levels which generates 3, 360 degree laser planes where one is horizontal and the other two are vertical. The laser levels can be projected independently or together by the press of a button. It is apt for outdoor use because of the pulse feature which allows it to be used with a detector in bright light conditions or when measuring long distances.

  • Dewalt Laser DW089K Self-Levelling 3-Beam Line Laser: laser chalk line outdoor

The DW089K is a 3 beam line laser which is good for use in a 90 degree layout. The reason why it works well outdoors is the fact that it projects two times brighter laser lines which make it easily visible in sunlight too. This Dewalt line laser level is very accurate and is easy to operate.


The best laser level is one that can work easily with different accessories to maximise its abilities. The following accessories are helpful when using line laser levels for outdoor use:

  • Tripod:

Most of the work done with the help of a laser level will require you to hold it at a certain height. Instead of holding it yourself, the best way to use laser levels at a height is to use a tripod which provides stability and also makes it easy for a single person to use the laser level without looking for additional help.

  • Laser Detector:

A laser detector helps in detecting the laser lines when you need to use the laser level to measure long distances. The detector helps you identify the laser without straining your eyes too much.

Tripods and detectors usually have to be bought separately as an accessory.

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