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A builder’s level is a tool specially used in the field of construction by civil engineers and builders to make a check on elevation and also set up certain level points. Though it being an optical type of instrument it is vividly used in the various arenas for the measurement of horizontal type of planes, for the purpose of transferring as well as setting.

Builder’s level and laser levels are among one of the most important tools to be used by a builder or constructor for preparing the basic map and setting up the accurate measures for constructing a building or house. We have hence come up here with best builder’s level review.

How to use it best?

A builder’s level is a technical tool mostly used by professionals, but it is a very simple tool that can be assembled very quickly and can be used easily. It is also known by a familiar name as ‘dumpy tool’. This instrument is very cost effective and can be very easily carried from one place to another.

People often confuse a builder’s level with a transit level but both though having some similarity are different in some aspects. A transit level has a confined range of movement while a builder’s level can almost rotate up to 360 degrees and gives a better coverage and mobility compared to a transit level.

dewalt laser level review

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Parts of a builder’s level include:

  • Vernier Scale
  • Tangent Screw(horizontal)
  • Clamp Screw (horizontal)
  • Eyepiece
  • Base
  • Knob for Focusing
  • Leveling Screws
  • Horizontally drawn graduated circle
  • Graduated Vial of Leveling
  • Telescope

Turning points are used for back sights and foresights. Various terms like station, benchmark are used in technical language to enhance the efficacy of the builder’s level.

Another important part is a tripod which plays a very vital role, tripod is usually accompanied along with the builder’s level. It is important to use a tripod of proper type in a furnished manner.

Few instructions to be followed while using a builder’s level are as under:

  • Making sure about the tripod being stable and also securely placed on an evenly surfaced ground.
  • To tighten the connecting attachment that lies in mid of the tripod and the builder’s level.
  • The base plate used for leveling should not be more tightened using the screws.
  • Eye piece, telescope and others should be aptly positioned.

Review of the Product Dewalt laser level DW090PK

Best builder’s level is difficult to find since the market is often crowed with fake items. In case of a builder’s level it is very necessary to buy a standard builder’s level since the cheaper ones do not offer accurate measurements and also the lens quality of the telescope is compromised along with.

Dewalt DW 090PK Builders package Tripod is one of the best builder level offered by dewalt that comes along with the package of a tripod. Customers who have used this product are extremely pleased by the quality of this builder’s level which is also available online.

best builders level

This product has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 which is considered as excellent. Customers have also recommended for this product since it does not give faulty judgement and has accurately appeased measurement quality of standard norms.

Who this product is best for?

This is no doubt an excellent product for engineers, builders and contractors. Students can also use it for engineering study purpose. It is one of the most demanding products for persons who are highly associated with the profession of construction and demolition. It can also be used by supervisors for the purpose of super visioning appropriate formation of various building, roads etc.

It can also be used in the field of agriculture for various agricultural applications. It also comes with a kit box and plumb box for easy transportation and safety of the builder’s laser associated with it which is one of the good laser level provided by dewalt laser level. Also the product comes in a package so the buyer doesn’t have to buy other associated supplements.

Description of the Product and its Features:

Dewalt DW090PK covers a wide range of almost 200 feet since it has the magnification power of 20x. It has the rotation capacity of up to 360 degrees. It uses leveling base which is of heavy duty as well as very quick to set up. It is highly durable and comes along with a service period of one year and also three year limited warranty. The tripod material is that of high quality aluminium. It is not bulky and can be lifted plus carried quite easily.

What are people talking about it?

The professionals and non-professionals using this builder’s level are satisfied with this builder’s level. It is also very accurate data provider. The measurements and the telescope used is of high end quality as required for professionals in the field. Agriculture sector population using this instrument provided by dewalt are also extremely happy and contended by the results provided by this instruments.

Customers have given a very high rating to this product owing to its quality, usefulness and package which comes along with it. It is no doubt one of the best builder’s level.


Builder’s level which has a telescope, tripod and other instrument is a very effective instrument in the field of construction, agriculture etc. The builder’s level provided by dewalt which is accompanied by a tripod as well as has a package which consists of plumb box and kit is one of the best builder’s level.

This builder’s level is manufactured keeping in terms standard norms of measurement and hence provides accurate data with a 360 degrees rotatable telescope with a magnifying capacity which falls in the range of 20x and covers the distance of 200 feet.

The tripod which is a very essential parts is also provided along with this product which is made up aluminium metal of high quality which is 8 feet high. A much recommended product for the buyers looking for a builder’s level.

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