DEWALT DW079KDT Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level Kit Reviews


DEWALT is constantly coming up with the most user-friendly laser levels. A lot of professional construction workers admitted that DEWALT makes the best laser level. DEWALT DW079KD 18-Volt Self-Leveling Laser level is a rotary laser level and people who used the product already said that it is the best rotary laser level that they have ever used.

But is it really? Let’s do this DEWALT rotary laser level review.


DEWALT DW079KD 18-Volt Self-Leveling Laser Level is a fully automated rotary laser level that weighs only 3.1 pounds. One possibly cannot get a more user-friendly laser level than this one.  But that is not all the positive aspects of this laser level. After you read this rotary laser level review you will also believe that this particular product is the best rotary laser level that you can buy in an affordable price.

First of all, it is hard to get a laser level that is so light. It is quite easy to take this laser level anywhere with you. This is why most of the construction workers prefer this laser level. The design is perfect; you can set up this product in literally just a couple of minute. There are no unnecessary buttons in this product. It is easy to adjust the bubbles.


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All you need to do is to set the laser level up on a tripod and then your job is done. Since it is a rotary laser level it will give accurate direction every time in any angle you need. This product also comes with a private mode option, which is great if you are working in a field with multiple laser levels. Another great feature is the manual single sloping mode which makes it easy for users to adjust the angles. This Laser level is absolutely water and dustproof so you can work with it anywhere you want.

This laser level gives accurate horizontal and vertical signal. The signal light is so powerful that it works even in the harsh Sunlight. This product also holds the signal long enough to get all the measurement right. This is probably the only laser level in the world that works equally in both indoors and outdoors. This is why Amazon users who are in the construction business are calling this laser level as the best laser level ever.

How to use it ?

It was already mentioned in this rotary laser level review that this product is one of the easiest laser levels to work with. You do not need to be a machine pro to set up this laser level. But if you are working with laser level for the first time in your life then the advice is to read the instruction manual that comes with the product very well and then do exactly what it said.

Anyway, if you do not have time to read the big instruction manual then here is a short step by step setup guide for this laser level.

  • Carefully remove the parts from the package
  • Put all of them in one place
  • Set the tripod in a flat surface first
  • Then take the laser level
  • Adjust the bubbles
  • It is a rotary level so that is all; you are set to work with it now.

But before you start working with this laser level here is a very important point that you need to keep in mind and that is to always wear a safety glass while working with this tool. This is very important as this laser level has a very powerful signal light and if you look at it with bare eyes for long then it can seriously damage your eyes.

You also need to make sure that there are no fires in the room where you are working with the laser level.


Who this product is best for ?

According to many users all over the world who purchased this product from the Amazon store, this is the best rotary laser level that they have ever used. Rotary laser levels are the most user-friendly laser level since with them one does not need to do anything on their own. But there are some rotary laser levels which are very hard to manage; there are a lot of complex buttons.

But this product which can do all the complex jobs does not have any complex buttons. If you are working with your laser levels indoor then you may get away with a relatively less powerful signal light. But if you are a construction worker then you need a laser level that can also work in daylight.

DEWALT DW079KD 18-Volt Rotary Laser Level gives a signal that is super effective even in summer days, so you can understand that this is the perfect laser level for people in the construction business.

However, even if you are just a home worker then also this laser level is a great product for you. In short, you can say that no one will regret after purchasing this tool for their work or home.

Almost everything about DEWALT DW079KD 18-Volt Self Leveling Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser Level is pros. But for the new users here are the best parts about this laser level.


  • Light-weight, easy to carry
  • Travel-friendly tool
  • Works with ordinary battery
  • The first set of battery is free
  • Good warranty period
  • Technical support is available all the time
  • Signal light is powerful
  • The clear signal will make it easy for construction workers to get the job done
  • Price is also affordable
  • It is a very well-designed, well-built product.


  • DEWALT DW079KD 18-Volt Laser Level does not have any real flaws and many users agree with this statement.


This rotary laser level from Dewalt will make the construction work easy and it will also save a lot of your time. So it is the best laser level ever indeed.

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