Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool


Dremel provides a wide variety of precision rotary tools to cater to many different situations. They are considered the gold standard for all of the devices that they manufacture. We now review the Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool.

Product Description

The Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite Rotary Tool is the most compact and practical mini rotary tool model available from Dremel. It weighs just 1.4 pounds, and is 8 inches long. Its small size allows you to hold it like you would a pencil, or a marker, which makes it an invaluable choice for artisans and hobbyists who want to get up close and personal with their work, to give it those subtle details that make it look much more intricate. This also makes it ideal for pet owners who want to clean their cat’s claws, or dog’s nails, requiring a fine point that they can maneuver and handle with ease.

Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool

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The most notable feature of the 7300-N/8 is the fact that it’s cordless, making it conveniently portable. It functions with 4.8 volts of battery power, and the battery pack can easily be detached and placed on the charger. And with its bright LED display, it will even show you when it’s time to recharge. As far as speed goes, the 7300-N/8 has a low and a high setting, plus a button that lets you lock whichever speed you choose, to ensure that it remains constant.


  • Able to utilize any accessory Dremel manufactures.
  • LED display lets you know when the battery needs to be recharged.
  • Lightweight design (1.4 pounds, 8 inches in length) makes it easier to handle tasks, especially those that require finer detail.
  • Great for pets! Many owners are pet owners that use this mini rotary tool for pet pedicures which gives you an indication on acceptable noise level and “gentleness” that the rotary tool can be used for.
  • Solid and durable-feeling lightweight plastic housing.


  • Some users have claimed that the battery doesn’t last long; dies after several months however making sure that the item is used as instructed will help lengthen the battery life.
  • Not recommended for use on projects other than light fixer-upper or hobbyist tasks.
  • May be hard to properly fit and balance the drill bits in place
  • Unlike most Dremel rotary tools, this does not have fine granular control over RPM speeds – it is a 2-speed rotary tool


The Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite Rotary Tool is an essential purchase to help you in some of your finer craftings and tasks. It is not a large durable rotary tool for a wide variety of household projects.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

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