Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder Reviews


Hobart Handler 140 is a simple yet great to use MIG/Flux cored welder. The Hobart Handler offers an output power of 140A; this is exactly what should be expected from a good welding machine. With a duty cycle of 20 percent at 90 amps the Hobart Handler is perfect for all types of home metal assembling projects.

hobart 140 mig welder

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Power and applications

The Hobart Welder ( Hobart Welder Reviews ) features the MIG function that welds thin materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel. The flux core welder function helps in the welding of thin stainless steel and other thicker materials. The welder is expected to weld material with a thickness of around ¼ inches to materials that are as thin as about 24-guage only. This makes it one of the best Mig welder for construction, rental shops, maintenance, auto body workshops, farm and home repair works.

Portability and Flexibility

Like most of the high-quality laser level, this Mig welder can be easily moved around on job sites as its weight is just about 60 pounds. Its portable nature makes the Hobart Welder nifty and engaging to all the small scale welders. The machine requires power of around 115 Volts household current, which means that unlike most machines which require high power to run, the Hobart Handler simply needs a power point to be plugged in to perform its job. There is no additional kit required to MIG this machine as it comes ready which makes it simple and more flexible to work with. Unfortunately, it is suggested that the tool should not be used with generators.

Features Of Hobert Handler

There are a few features in the Hobart Welder that makes it distinct from the other welding machine of its class:

  • It features a five position tapped voltage regulator selector which lets you tune the arc magnificently so you can give an even and steady arc on any type of thickness all the time.
  • The wires are kept electrically cold by the built-in contractor till you pull the trigger of the spool gun.
  • The heavy duty work clamp and industrial cast aluminium drive system makes it a sturdy and heavy duty tool.
  • There is the dual groove quick change drive roll in the Hobart Handler so that it can be set up easily and the spool gun can be changed quickly whenever required.
  • The company has added an easy changeover for polarity to enable better arc performance and simplified usage.
  • The self-resetting thermal overload system protects the harshest applications.
  • It also has a protection guard for short circuit in case there is an overload in the power supply.

Advantages of Hobart Handler

  • The tool requires very less electricity for the wire to feed out precisely through the entire procedure.
  • It enables you to work with different types of materials regardless its thickness because of the dual-process function present in one tool.
  • Gives you a wonderful arc performance, reduces the splatter at an economical price.
  • You don’t have to be a skilled welder in order to handle this Mig Welder. It requires basic operating skills and can be used by anyone after going through the instructions.
  • The tool requires very less time to set up and is ready to be used for welding in about just a few minutes; saving you much time.
  • The construction of the tool is quite rugged which make it durable and the maintenance cost of the tool will be much lower in comparison to the other welding machines.


  • If the job site is big and requires the welder to move around too much then there would be an extra cart required to carry the Hobart Handler around. Manual lifting so frequently is impossible which means you would require spending some extra cash on a cart which is required to move it.
  • There is an extra cylinder of gas required to be used for MIG welding; making it all the more problematic to move it around and adds to the expenses.
  • The Hobart welder is suitable for household and small projects only. It cannot be used for industrial purposes. (Hobart Welder Reviews )
  • At times the welders are required to go to remote places for work but since the Hobart Handler is not compatible with generators it is not appropriate to take the tool to places where there could be a problem in the power supply.
  • If the price of the Hobart Handler is compared to the other welding machines that come under the same group type or which use gas to operate, they are somewhat cheaper than Hobart Welder.

Price and Warranty

Even though the tool has been priced a bit more the features displayed by the tool are good for which it has been rightly priced. The cost of the Hobart Handler 140 is economical and can be afforded by any welder. The features have been clearly displayed which can be checked and compared before you invest in the tool.

Be carefree about the investment you make if you purchase the Hobart Welder as the tool comes with an industrial warranty Hobart 5/3/1 which gives you a benefit of warranty on the system which could be either 1, 3 or 5 years depending on the equipment you buy.

The warranty period safeguards your tool so if there is a technical break-down then the tool will be replaced or in case of repair the cost of repairing will be waived.

Final Verdict

Hobart Welder can be relied on for good welding results. It is an excellent choice of tool that come for low price and is suggested to be used for all types of small fabrication projects and a few limited bigger projects.

Hobart is a dependable company and in case you are looking for something more heavy duty then there are a variety of bigger welding machines that can be purchased.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

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