How Do Rotary Laser Levels Work


Which is the best laser level? If this question is directed to a construction worker, he will say Rotary laser level within seconds. The reason behind the sky-high popularity of rotary laser level is not hard to understand. Rotary means the head rotates, so the user does not need to adjust the laser level head in different angels. Rotary laser level works automatically.

A rotary laser level is mostly used by construction workers and interior designers. But nowadays some brands are coming up with high-quality rotary laser levels in affordable prices. It’s a human nature to try finding things that will make their work less hard. So if someone sees an affordable rotary laser level then they are not going to go for an ordinary laser level. Rotary laser levels are one of the top sellers in home improvement tools now.

We have done many laser level reviews. Our regular readers know that we try to give them as much helpful information as possible about laser levels. Today we are going to talk about how rotary laser level works. We already introduced you to rotary laser level, so you have an idea about this product.

Rotary Laser Levels Works

Rotary Laser Level Rotation

Rotary laser level beam light moves in a 360-degree angle. A rotary laser level beam light can rotate up to 1000 per minute. But it depends on the power of laser level you are working with. High-speed rotary levels are used for roadside work. You can go for a less powerful rotary laser level while working for indoor projects.

An object called diode is the reason behind the powerful beam light of rotary laser levels. The beam light works well in creating both vertical and horizontal lines.

Rotary Laser Leveling Method

Rotary laser levels do all the jobs automatically. So you must be thinking about why you need to know about the method of rotary laser leveling. Well, this is because no matter how automatic one tool is the user will need to know the right way of using it, otherwise it will not work. Even automatic tools need to be set up. So before you know how to use rotary laser leveling for work let’s first tell you how to set this thing up.

  • First of all get a tripod. It’s better if you get a tripod that has adjustable legs.
  • Then read the user manual of the product you got.
  • You must know about the bubble of laser levels and tripods, make sure they are at the same level. Otherwise, you will not get the signal light in a straight line.

That’s all you need to do to set up a rotary laser level. There are three common ways to do rotary laser leveling.

First method- Manual leveling

For the first method, you need to have two great eyes. We are talking about doing the leveling in a manual way. In this job, you have to decide the right angles depending on your own eyesight. This may sound easy, but only a laser level pro can do manual laser leveling in the right manner. If you are new with the laser level and trying to put a frame on the wall, then don’t try to do manual leveling as you may end up putting the frame in a crooked manner.

Second method- Self leveling

The 2nd method is self-leveling. In this process, it is the laser level which does the leveling itself with the help of magnets and pendulums. Self-leveling is thousand times more accurate than manual leveling. It is also a lot easier. But general self-leveling laser levels have a limitation. You can not use the signal after a certain distance.

Third method- Electronic or automatic self-leveling

The 3rd process is the one that major players in the construction business are using these days. This is because it is the method that gives almost full accuracy. The tall buildings you see in NYC and other places are probably done using this 3rd method of laser leveling. This method is called electronic or automatic self-leveling.

In this process, the laser level uses servo motors to level itself. Not only it is a much accurate leveling but since all the jobs are done automatically, it also makes the process much faster.

Color (Laser Level Wavelength) – Red or Green?

The color of the laser level signal totally depends on wavelength. The diode in laser will decide you will see the red signal or green signal.

Laser Level Wavelength

But to be honest, this is not a big deal if you are doing indoor work. If you are working outdoors only then you have to be more careful about the signal color and strength.  There are some laser levels which have such light signal color that it does not work with the Sunlight.

Rotary Laser Level Working Range

The rotary laser level head can rotate in 360-degree angles. Rotary laser levels, in general, can work up to 2000 feet. But this depends on various factors. If it’s an open space and there is no other powerful light present at the spot then you can see the laser signal to much longer distance.

So you now have an idea about how rotary laser level works and how you can use them for your work. Now let’s talk about the kind of rotary laser levels that you can get for yourself. We will now talk about rotary laser level brands.

Before we go further into that, first be clear about one thing, there is nothing called best Rotary laser level review. No one can just point out one rotary laser level and say this is the best one. There are a lot of brands who make good rotary laser levels. Your job type will decide which one is best for you. Not just job type, everyone also has to follow a specific budget. The top 3 laser level brands according to us are:

Bosch laser levelDEWALT laser level, and Johnson laser level. These three brands laser levels are all self-leveling which work both indoors and outdoors. The prices of laser levels made by these three brands are almost in the same range.

Hopefully, this article will be a good guide for you when it comes to laser level. Before ending the article, we would also like to include that if possible then always order the laser level from Amazon. You will get a guarantee and they are also giving huge discounts on laser level prices at the moment.

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