How to Set Up A Tripod


Our laser level reviews covered all basic points that one needs to know to use laser level correctly at home. Today I am going on a slightly different direction, I will talk about the equipments that make the laser level work much easier. Tripod is the first thing that you need to set up a laser level. Tripod for laser levels look almost like the tripods that you use to set up the camera. Setting up a tripod is not hard but you still need to learn the right way to do it. An artist needs a frame to work properly; Tripods make sure that the laser level gives the right signal.

The best laser levels in the market these days come with a tripod. Anyway, even if your laser level did not come in a set you can still purchase it at any local stores. Tripods are available at a variety of price range. You can get a tripod in less than $10. But I will advise you to get a high-quality one. The cheaper tripods get ruined very quickly. After I tell you in details about how to set up a tripod, I will also discuss about the best place to get a tripod.

Tripods for laser levels basically come in two types. One has fixed legs, the other one comes with adjustable legs. No matter where you will work with your laser level, you need to get an adjustable tripod. You can work with it anywhere.

How to Set Up A Tripod

Here is the step by step guide to set up a tripod for laser level.

  • Find the flattest place near the work area. You can set up the tripod with adjustable legs anywhere, but the flatter the surface is, the easier it gets to set up the tripod.
  • Now take the tripod and put it on a wide table.
  • Start pulling the legs apart, do this with a lot of care so that nothing gets broken.
  • Now the tripod will take the shape of a triangle.
  • Take up the product and place it on the ground. It should not be shaky.
  • Make sure the tripod is set up at the right level. Take measurements of each leg.
  • Level the head of the tripod.
  • If any of the legs are looking crooked, then you have not set up the tripod right.
  • Now push the legs to the ground, do it very slowly and carefully.
  • Adjust the tripod in a way that you feel comfortable working with.

After you are done setting up the tripod, you need to now attach the laser level to the tripod.

  • Assemble the laser level first.
  • You will see that there is a bubble on the laser level.
  • There is also a bubble on the tripod.
  • Laser level bubble and tripod bubble need to be parallel.
  • If you are planning to work outdoors, then fix the laser level and tripod in a little darker place as you will not be able to see in Sunlight.
  • Turn off the laser level when you are trying to set it up.
  • Laser level head needs to be at the right angle from your work area.

Bosch laser levelDewalt laser level and Johnson laser level are the top selling laser levels at the moment. They work great and also these laser levels are easy to set up. One button function is always easy to handle. Bosch and these brands make laser levels that are very affordable. Johnson laser levels are easier to carry, while Bosch is the easiest to work with.

Set Up A Tripod

Where to buy laser levels and tripods?

Amazon without a single doubt is the place where you need to order your laser level and tripod from. You will get a generous discount on the price and Amazon has these amazing laser level combos where you will be able to buy everything you need. Tripod may come free with the laser level as well. The easy return policy will also be handful in case you are not satisfied with the product you ordered.  Try to choose the laser level that gets the highest ratings and best positive reviews from the Amazon users.

On the Best Rotary laser level review I mentioned that how it is important for everyone to use the laser level in the way it was meant to. There is almost no such thing as the best laser level, you can get the best service out of any laser level if you know how to use them too.

Here are couple of important points you need to keep in mind while working with a laser level:

  • Always try to wear a big wide pair of glasses so the rays do not affect your eye sight in any way.
  • Even if you are working for couple of seconds always wear the safety glass first.
  • Laser level signal is a ray which can be harmful for you if you are not careful, so wear a pair of gloves and always wash your hands after you are done working with the laser level.
  • Do not use laser level on human body, it is not a toy to play with.
  • Always make sure that you turn off the tool after you are done with the work. This will make your batteries last long.

Now going back to the tripod again as it was the main topic of this laser level review. Tripods don’t last for long time. So make sure that you check on the legs before you attach the laser levels with it, if the legs are broken then your laser will fall on the ground and it may get broken.

That was all. You now know almost everything about a laser level and how to set it up using a tripod.

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