How to Use a Laser Level Detector ?


Construction companies cannot do work without a laser level detector. But individual laser level users can go away without using a laser level. It is not a must for them. However since I am covering every aspect of using laser level in my laser level reviews, let’s talk about how to set up a laser level anyway. I want to give you a warning, though, once you work with a laser level detector, you will not be able to work without it next time. Laser level detectors make the job in hand so easy that you will be wondering why you were not using it all along.

In my best Rotary laser level review I mentioned about the importance of setting up the laser level detector. In construction work one never knows when they have to work at ground level. You need a laser level detector to get the right signal at the ground level. Even if you have purchased the perfect laser level from the market you will still need to use a laser level detector while working on a ground level. Laser level detector is as necessary equipment for laser level as tripod is.

How to Use a Laser Level Detector?

Here is the step by step guide for setting up a laser level detector:

  • First turn on the laser level detector.
  • Put the detector on a camp holder.
  • Put the camp holder attached laser level detector on a rod.
  • Now aim the laser level detector where the signal of laser level is rotating.
  • Keep adjusting the bolt to get the best signal of the laser level.
  • Change the direction as the laser level signal changes positions.
  • The moment you will see that the laser detector is able to point out at the signal directly you will know that you got what you wanted.
  • You are all set and now all you have to do is to take the measurement.

Laser level detectors are very easy to work with. At first, you may have some trouble, but once you get used to working with laser level detectors you will be all right. Construction works become really easy with a laser level detector. Big companies, of course, use self-levelling laser levels, but they still use a laser level detector as without it things become really hard. There are so many benefits of using a laser level detector:

  • Rotary laser levels are to mark the signal, but with laser level detector the job becomes easy.
  • There is no chance of getting a crooked signal when you are using a laser level detector.
  • For any outdoor work with laser level, a laser detector is a must.
  • Some indoor projects like working on the floor or sailing requires the worker to use a laser level detector.
  • Work happens much faster.
  • Laser level detector is good for old style manual levelling laser levels.
  • You can also work in places where you cannot see.

Do you need a tripod if you are using a laser level detector?

This is a very good question and many of my readers asked the question. This is tricky. For some work you can go ahead with only a laser level detector. For small laser levels, tripods are not mandatory. But it will not hurt your work if you are using tripod and laser level detector at the same time. My advice is since you are going to use the product for your house, use a tripod too. You really do not want things to look bad as you got a crooked signal.

laser level detector

Is this necessary to purchase a laser level detector made by the brand that made your laser level?

No it is not. Laser level detectors are almost same. You do not need to worry too much about the brand of the laser level detector unlike your laser level.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best laser levels that are available in the market and whether you will need to use a laser level detector with these brand’s laser levels.

Bosch laser level:

Bosch is a brand that makes a variety of laser levels. The products are also available from very low price to high price. Bosch laser levels look like a jar and the usage is also as simple as using a jar. If you are not trying to work on the ground with Bosch laser levels then you will not need a laser level detector. For ceiling work tripods too are not necessary. This is the reason even professional workers prefer laser level made by Bosch. This is a solid brand and you will not regret purchasing their laser levels.

Dewalt laser level:

DEWALT is another brand which makes low-cost laser levels for the homeowners. Dewalt laser level mainly comes with two options. These laser levels have a very powerful strong signal which is visible even in daylight time.  DEWALT laser levels can be used for even outdoor works, but you will need a tripod and a laser level detector for the outdoor projects.

Johnson laser level:

Johnson laser levels are the cheapest but most technologically sound laser levels. If you are getting a Johnson laser level then get a set of tripod and laser level detector too. You will be able to do any work when you have the entire set.

Some important cautions:

  • Laser level detectors are very powerful so don’t play with it.
  • Do not use it if it is broken.
  • Always attach the detector carefully to the rod.
  • You need to make sure that all the screws are tight; otherwise, you will not get the best signal.

Laser level signal looks good. A lot of people use it for fun, but most people do not understand that laser level signal can seriously hurt the human skin. Same thing goes for the laser level detector. So be careful and do not abuse these things ever.

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