How Do Tripods Work For Laser Levels


What is a tripod?

Market’s best laser level will not be able to function properly without a tripod. This is why no laser level review is done without mentioning the word tripod. You can buy laser levels made by Bosch, DEWALT, or Black and Decker, but at the end of the day you also need to buy a tripod. So what is a tripod?

A tripod is basically a stand, a 3 legged stand where you set up your laser level. It does not matter if you are using a self-leveling cross line laser level or a rotary laser level; you need to have a tripod for your laser level to work properly. So at the end we can say that tripod and laser level goes hand in hand, if you get one, then you need to have the other.

Now tripod basically comes in two types. You can get either an Adjustable -leg tripod or a fixed leg one.

Tripods Work For Laser Levels

Adjustable-Leg Tripods

Adjustable –leg tripods are the most commonly used tripods simply because one can adjust its legs according to their own convenience. This kind of tripods with rotary laser levels are used for construction work a lot. Adjustable-leg tripods are little costly.

Fixed-Leg Tripods

Fix legged tripods are for home use. You cannot do much professional level work with this tripod.

Tripod Components

Tripod is made of three parts, Legs, points, and head. Tripods usually are made with different kind of materials and the durability depends on the materials it is made with.


Tripod legs are something that holds the entire thing. This is the reason tripod legs are made of strong materials. If the legs are not well made then the tripod is not going to last. The best tripod legs are made with either aluminum or steel. But these days you can also see tripod legs made of wood or fiberglass, even though these kinds of tripods do not last very long, they are not too bad. If you are going to use tripods only for home use then it will be okay to get a tripod with fiberglass legs.


Both types of tripods have metal covers at the end of legs. They are called points. These points make the legs stronger.


The top part of tripod where you attach the laser level is called head. Tripod has a button called a bubble. Tripod bubble and laser level bubble have to be in the same line. If they are not in the same line then you need to keep adjusting.

Tripod Setup and Care

Tripod may look like a really easy tool and it really is. However, you still need to keep a couple of points in mind while using a tripod.

  • Take out all the parts of the tripod and read the user manual that came with the product
  • Now attach all the parts one by one
  • Make sure all the parts are tight
  • If you are using a different kind of laser level then make sure that you read the user manual well
  • Get proper attachments for the tripods
  • Like all the other tools keep cleaning the tripod
  • Keep the product away from kids.

Worksite Conditions

The new users who are going to use a tripod for the first time may find it hard to choose the right tripod for their work. But the simplest way to decide which tripod you want is to know where the tripod is going to be set up. If you are going to work on outdoor locations where land has an uneven path or stones, then you need to buy an adjustable leg tripod.

And if you are going to work inside your home then go for a fixed leg tripod. On the other hand, if you work on a colder condition then you need to purchase tripod with wooden legs. However, it is always better to get an adjustable leg tripod, as you can use it for any kind of conditions.

How to use laser level with a tripod, Step by step guide ?

This is the most important part as the primary reason to buy a tripod is to using a laser level.  Here is the step by step guide of using a laser level with a tripod.

  • First set up the tripod by attaching all the parts
  • Now place the tripod on as flat place as possible
  • Just make sure that all the screws of the tripod are very well tightened
  • Now take the laser level, find out its bubble
  • You will also find another bubble on the tripod
  • Now attach the laser level with the tripod head
  • When the laser level bubble and the tripod bubble will be on the same line, you are all set to work with the laser level.

This is the basic way to attach a laser level to a tripod, but since there are different types of laser levels available, it can be a little different for some. All the best laser level come with their own tripod, if you get one of them then read the instruction manual well before you set it up.

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Advice for clients

If you are working with a tripod for the first time then you need to be careful about a couple of things. First of all, you need to buy this tool from an authorized dealer like Amazon. You will get the tripod in other stores, but you cannot be sure if they will deliver you everything new. Amazon is the only store that gives a guarantee and they also give the money back in case you are not satisfied with the product.

You also need to make sure that you only get a tripod made by a reputed brand even if they cost a little bit more. After the tripod is delivered, set it up in the right way, always check the screws and if you see one of them is not tight, fix it immediately. Tripod parts are sensitive, so be careful when you are traveling with the product. Tripods will last longer if you clean the parts regularly. Keep the tripod in front of a wall for the support.


Apart from construction work, tripods are also used for astronomy. But most people use them for construction purposes. Tripods and laser levels make the hard jobs easier for the construction workers. You can read laser level reviews of different brands to understand which laser level and tripod combination works best.

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