Best Laser Level for Cabinets in 2020 – Top for Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets look lovely once they have been installed properly, but talk about the installation and professionals as well as DIY lovers will tell you what a pains taking job it can be. Especially when you are aiming for a neatly installed cabinet that does not look awry once it is complete.

This is one of the reasons why professionals swear by the laser level when it comes to installing kitchen cabinets. Even DIY lovers have given the laser level a permanent place in their tool kit now.

Comparison Chart of Best Laser Level for Cabinets

  • Visibility : 50ft
  • Accuracy : 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Battery life : 30 hrs
  • Self-Level Range : +/- 4 degrees
  • Visibility : 100ft
  • Accuracy : 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Battery life : 30 hrs
  • Self-Level Range : +/- 5 degrees
  • PLS180
  • Visibility : 100ft
  • Accuracy : 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Battery life : 30 hrs
  • Self-Level Range : +/- 6 degrees
  • Bosch GLL3-80
  • Visibility : 65ft
  • Accuracy : 1/4-in @ 100ft
  • Battery life : 18 hrs
  • Self-Level Range : +/- 4 degrees
  • Visibility : 50ft
  • Accuracy : 1/8-in @ 30ft
  • Battery life : 20 hrs
  • Self-Level Range : +/- 4 degrees

Top 3 Laser Level for Installing and Hanging Kitchen Cabinets Reviews


Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser – Best Laser Level for Kitchen Fitting

The Bosch Laser Level GLL 3-80 is one of the laser level for this job because of the three plane laser lines it can display at one time. There is one horizontal planes that runs for 360 degrees and two vertical planes at 360 degrees to. This self-levelling laser level is very accurate and it is easy to use. So professionals as well as people who are new to laser levels will find it easy to handle this level.

Bosch GLL3-80


  • The three beams are bright and they are helpful in easily marking the entire room with the laser because of the fact that they run 360 degrees.
  • It has fewer moving parts which vouches for a longer life for the laser level and ensures least damage.
  • The laser level is simple to operate with push buttons to power it on and use the laser level
  • A loud and clear alarm will indicate when it is out of level so that users can avoid inaccurate readings


  • At approximately, $450 the price may be a little steep for DIY users who may be accomplishing very basic tasks with the laser level and may not want to invest a huge amount in it.

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DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser – Best Laser Level for Cabinet Installation

Dewalt has consistently provided some of the best builder’s level and the DW089K is a brilliant tool. This 3 beam line laser level has bright laser beams which ensure visibility and they are very accurate.

In addition to usual horizontal and vertical lines that are shot out of this laser level, there is a third line which creates a 90 degree intersecting line between the two lines. It is great for installing kitchen cabinets without having to fuss over the precision of the installation.

Best Laser Level for Installing Kitchen Cabinets


  • It saves a lot of time making it quicker for you to install the cabinets with accuracy.
  • A magnetic pivot bracket on this device helps you mount the laser level on metal surfaces without too much of problem.
  • The Dewalt Laser Level DW089K is accurate within an eighth of an inch which makes it very accurate for those who do not want their job to look inaccurate.


  • Unlike the Bosch GLL 3-80 it does not display 360 degree beams, which means that you will get only 90 degrees lines.
  • The absence of a pendulum lock makes it difficult for people to carry the device around without worrying about the delicate pendulum which may lead to calibration problems.

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Johnson Level & Tool 40-6656 Self-Leveling Level

The Johnson Laser Level 40-6656 is one of the laser level which can be used for installing kitchen cabinets with precision. It is a cross line laser level which can project the horizontal and vertical lines individually or simultaneously depending on your requirement at the time of the installation. It is a very accurate device and it projects green beam which very brighter than the usual red one.

Johnson Level & Tool 40-6656


  • You can easily connect it to a tripod or attach it to the wall while working so you do not need a second person to help you on the job.
  • The multiple beams make it great for using the device for a number of jobs in addition to installing kitchen cabinets.


  • The laser level has a visual indicator that tells you the device is out of level. While this is good, the problem is that many users depend on an audible alarm which makes it helpful to know that the laser level is off level.
  • Another concern is that the pendulum cannot be locked so you have to be careful when you move the tool from one location to another.

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How to Use a Cabinet Laser Level ?

  • Setting up

Unpack all your cabinets and go through the manual if your cabinets are disassembled. It is easier to install wall cabinets first and then install the base cabinets. This way you will not have the base cabinets in the way. Most of the cabinets measure 34 ½ inches, but some new models come in size variations, so measure your cabinet.

  • Measurements

With the help of a laser level, and a pencil, draw a perfectly parallel line about 3 inches from the ground on your wall. If your wall is uneven then find the highest point on the floor and mark a line at that point. Now measure 34 ½ inches from this point and with the help of a laser level, draw a line across the wall on that level. This will mark the top of the base cabinets.

From this point, measure another 19 ½ inches to mark the bottom of the wall cabinets. Use a laser level to get all the lines truly horizontal so that your cabinets look neat once they are set up. Once the measurements are taken care of, use a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall.

  • The Ledger board

Then secure a ledger board which will help in offsetting the weight of the cabinets while they are being installed. These ledger boards are temporary and are removed once the cabinets have been installed.

  • Installing the cabinets

The cabinets will be installed easily if the doors and other hardware are removed from them during the installation. Attach a few cabinets together. Make sure you attach just as many you will be able to lift comfortably.

Put these wall cabinets on the ledger board and fix the stiles of the cabinets with the help of clamps. Check for plumb and level and if required, shim the cabinets. Drill the cabinets and secure them into the wall at the studs. Keep installing all the cabinets and do the same for the base cabinets.

Once the cabinets have been installed, add the doors and the rest of the hardware to them to complete the installation of the kitchen cabinets.

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