Best Laser Level for Tiling – Best Tile Laser Level 2020

Tiling is fitting together single tiles without any gaps to fill a flat space; for instance wall, floor or ceiling. There are different types of shapes which can be used for tiling like rectangles, triangles, squares and even one of pentomino laser level for tiling reviews

In order to finish a tiling job neatly, besides beautiful tiles and other equipment to set them on their place the important thing needed is a good rotary laser level which is best suited for a tiling job.

The market is flooded with companies which boast of selling the best rotary laser level, however it is imperative that the laser level reviews are checked thoroughly before they can be bought. If you are thinking of buying a rotary laser level then here are some which could be helpful for you. The best laser level in the list could be selected according to the features of the device and the requirement of your job.

Best Tile Laser Level 2020 With Comparison Chart

  • Bosch GTL3 Tile Laser
  • Accuracy: ±1/16 in @ 20-ft
  • Leveling Type: Manual
  • Indoor Range: 65 ft
  • Battery life: 18 hrs with 2 laser lines 12 hrs with 3 laser line
  • Bosch GTL2 Laser Square
  • Accuracy: ± 1/2 in @ 30-ft
  • Leveling type: Manual (vials)
  • Indoor Range: 30 ft
  • Battery life: 15 hrs
  • Johnson 40-6616 Tile Laser Level
  • Accuracy: ± 1/4 in @ 60-ft
  • Leveling type: Manual (vials)
  • Indoor Range: 30 ft
  • Battery life: 30 hrs
  • PLS-60567
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 in @ 20-Feet
  • Leveling Type: Fixed base
  • Indoor Range: 65-Ft
  • Battery life : 10 hrs
  • Accuracy : 3/8-in @ 30ft
  • Leveling Type: Manual
  • Indoor Range: 65 ft.
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required

Top 4 Best Laser Level For Tiling Reviews


Bosch GTL3 Professional Tile Laser – Best Laser Level for Tiling

Bosch GLT3 offers accurate and precise job at the working site. You can lose out on chalk and strings as this laser level helps you in getting perfect lines while installing tiles. The batteries have a wonderful running time and the square lasers emitted ensure you place the first tile in its right position. There are magnets placed in the bottom of the tool which helps in securing base from where lines remain static as the work progresses. This is one of the best laser levels. Here are some features of the device:

Best Laser Level for Tiling

  • Clear, bright and precise laser lines are visible to show uneven surface.
  • One button operation; all you need to do is select 0 and 90° lines plus optional 45° layout line at the click of a button and you will be provided with 0 , 45, 90 and 135 layout from just one set up.
  • The laser lines are set in front of the laser base so that centering on a particular point can be done easily and adjustment can be accurate.
  • It is IP54 and is dustproof and waterproof making it highly dependable.

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Johnson Level and Tool 40-6616 Tiling Laser Level – Best laser level for tiling walls

This device of Johnson takes care of all types of flooring work; tiling, stones, carpet, hardwood flooring, brick and carpet. The laser level emits two lines on the floors at 90° for surface layout. Some good features of the product are as below:

Best laser level for tiling walls

  • The laser shines bright and clear up to 30 feet without any problem.
  • The battery life is enduring and lasts for about a good 30 hours.
  • There is a built-in protractor which will help you in easy establishment of angles.

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PLS Laser PLS-60567 PLS FT 90 Floor Tile Layout Tool

PLS 60567 is a boon for all the tile contractors. With this device around there is no room for mistakes. You can save time and energy and give more productivity on your job site. The device helps you in establishing an exact 90° floor layout by emitting bright laser lines. It is a single button operated machine and void of any complicated technicalities. There are some wonderful features in PLS 60567 which will help you in tiling accurately and easily.

Best Tiles Laser Level

  • The device shoots square lines in all the four directions
  • PLS 60567 has a range of 65 feet and gives accurate 1/16” results within 20 feet.
  • The machine works for more than 10 hours continuously with three AA batteries.
  • The company is sure about its services and machine which is why it has given a three year limited warranty on the PLS 60567 device if purchased by them.

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Bosch GTL2 Laser Square – Best Laser level for tile installation

Whether you are a professional or wish to complete a tiling job for your home the Bosch GTL2 square laser is a compact device which will help you in completing the job in no time. The bright lasers emitted by the laser level are great in having an accurate job completed. The product emits vertical and horizontal laser lines. Here are some features of the best laser level you could have in your cupboard:

laser level for tile installation

  • Easy one button operation which powers two perpendicular 90° Lines.
  • The laser range from Bosch GTL2 Laser device is up to 30 feet with an accuracy of + or – ½
  • The device comes with adhesive mounting strips to hold the device in its place while it you are working.

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There are many builders level reviews available for other products but you need to check the authenticity before buying them. There are many other types of laser levels available in the market which are packed with features. It is best that you are aware of your requirements before you buy good laser level for tiling job. A professional would select one with many settings whereas someone who is purchasing one for do it yourself purpose will select one which is lesser complicated and easy to handle.

Before making a purchase ensure you check the warranty and guarantee, as any warranted product will definitely give you good service. There is no specific device which could be labelled as a best laser level; however the above mentioned products are good and have some excellent reviews. Purchase them from online stores, there are many which feature all the above products.

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