Pacific Laser Systems PLS4 Review


Looking for the tangible & to the point information about PLS4? If you can answer in the affirmative, I cordially extend my welcome greetings to you. It is here where you’re going to go through comprehensive information concisely, keeping in view its positive and negative factors. Let’s get started then!

Who can take benefit from this product?

PLS 4 can be a brilliant choice for those looking for combining plumb point in fast and in a comfy way along with level and plumb lines. You don’t need to look further than this point and tool line laser to seek cross line accuracy of +/- 1/4-inch at 100 ft.

If you would like to have magnetic wall bracket, pouch, floor base, & a case, you are now in the place you’ve so far been looking for. As I’m writing having used this product with a bang, so you can take benefit from my practical experience with PSL4.PLS4 Review

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Well, it would be a pleasure to let you know that it is manufactured, assembled, calibrated and packed in the United States of America. On this account, the efficiency, durability, accuracy, and affordability can’t be called into question.

An overview of Pacific Laser System PLS4

To begin with, it is a hybrid point and line laser coming from Pacific Laser Systems that need no detailed introduction in presenting the tools made of the most recent scientific technologies in this line of the field. An excellent characteristic is that it boasts a wealth of all the properties those of PLS180.

You enjoy seeing the addition of a point to point plumb into the bargain, having it as an ideal unit being an efficient contractor who is craving for the best versatility. Without a shadow of a doubt, PLS4 has acted out a vital contribution to remodeling trades. On the top of that, it is less in price than most rotary laser levels in the market despite being brighter and less bulky, but incredible in giving itself a good account.

Being the lucky user of this tool, you can turn this unit to your account in more than one way through its wide range of back to back features in aid of time-saving, fast results, high performance in the toughest places, and consistency.

Absolute features of PSL4

  • Holding and handling of the device is like shooting fish in a barrel on account of its light weight of just 1 pound, and the measurement 2×2-1/2×4-3/8 inches.
  • Admirably protected against the rough working conditions with the provided pouch and hard-shell carrying case.
  • For prolonged usefulness in external appliances, also obtainable in a package system consisting of the SLD laser detector.
  • Boasts a wealth of three specially selected AA-sized batteries able to function more than 25 hours making you get rid of the trouble of battery-change status time and again. The life of the battery depends on how many beams you are using at a time.
  • Backed by a three-year warranty, during which, it will be repaired for free.
  • Layout tasks that are often simply regarded as time-consuming are now faster and more accurate than ever before no matter what profession you appertain to, covering all the professions related to this line field such as carpenter, HVAC specialist, plumber and even general contractor. The time has come to say goodbye to old, complex and time-consuming
  • The lines are easy to watch with this versatile tool from door installation to tile jobs and more.
  • Able to cope magnificently with wall to wall wrapping of rooms, as it can project its cross line laser beams @ just about 180 degrees.
  • You can easily wrap a plumb line thoroughly about a door entrance or room with a cross line accuracy of ± 1/8-inch @ 30 ft along with a pronounced indoor range of 100 feet while ±1/4-inch is plumb to point accuracy.
  • PLS benchmark dampening makes sure permanent, dependable and magnificent outcome.
  • The patented PLS pendulum design and magnetic dampening allow the user to obtain usable and true results.
  • Another comfy feature is the ease of settling down at the drop of a hat whenever movement to a fresh layout point is needed.
  • Accurate and usable performance can be a question mark, but when it comes to the PLS4 system, it is always a perfect match for job site vibrations down to generators, compressors etc.
  • The recent positive up-gradation of warranty from one-year to three-year has further added to its charm for the users with the sense that they are not going to spend their valuable money on its repair at least during such a time period.
  • Purchasing this unit means that you are getting PLS4 laser tool along with other accessories such as floor stand, carrying case, operating instructions, magnetic wall bracket, pouch and more.
  • Perfect for installations of cabinets, doors, windows, skylights, columns, foundations, curtain walls and much more.
  • The use of this laser begins where traditional a bubble vial level goes belly up abjectly. Two people, Bob setups are no longer wanted, used or needed for this purpose.

Concluding summary

In accordance with a point to point plumb competence, PLS-4 laser combining the 180-degree is quite beyond compare. With the amazing amalgamation of up & down points along with 100 ft range, this self-leveling unit is an absolute gem for dealing with plumbing, leveling and squaring. Pacific Laser System PLS4 is such a handy tool for the professionals in commercial and remodeling trades.

If you ask me, I would definitely recommend this unit that offers the combined features of hybrid point and line laser that of PLS180. I can assure you that once you’ve bought this laser level, you’ll never feel small about your money to go to waste. It offers the best value for your money compared to its classical, easy-to-use and most modern features. The act of buying PLS4 can vouch for maximum versatility, sturdiness, and expediency for good and all.

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