PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Reviews


The Porter-Cable PCE605K corded cable is a multi-purpose oscillating tool kit that comes bundled with a variety of accessories. The tool kit is ideal for working on varied tasks on every surface type. The heavy duty tool looks rugged and has a premium finish to it. The exterior is covered with high grip rubber sole that offers exceptional durability and grip.

Professionals when working with the tool will appreciate the integration of rubber throughout the design, which makes it a lot more comfortable to use. Even though, the tool is corded, the maximum length of the cord makes sure there’s no need to go for any more extensions. One can simply plug and start working without any pre-preparation phase.

There are two different variants of the PCE605K available on the market. The first comes bundled with 31 accessories while the more advanced version has 52 accessories in the package. The depth and cutting guide helps complete cutting tasks faster with excellent control over every move. The product supports tool free blade management.

The Porter-Cable PCE605K

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Design features of the Porter-Cable PCE605K

Sleek and compact design of the Porter-Cable PCE605K corded oscillating tool allows you to use it anywhere, without discomfort. The machine ideally suits various practical applications including scraping, grinding, cutting and sanding. It comes from a reputed brand which specializes in producing such productive tools and is capable of delivering consistent performance throughout its operation time.

  • 3.0 AMP motor power

The oscillating tool is powered by a 3.0 amp motor and the high deliverance capacity of integrated motor is made to provide uncompromised performance with durability when working on onsite jobs.

Designed to withstand tough applications, the equipment delivers an impressive 10,000 to 22,000 oscillations per minute. Experts when backed up by such quick action will be able to complete different tasks on a wide range of materials.

  • Tool free blade system

Being able to swap blades without any mandatory tools is a feature that makes the product extremely user friendly. Contractors and specialists when using the machine will find it convenient to remove and replace any blade of their choice based on the application purpose. The Porter-Cable PCE605K doesn’t demand the use of wrenches and bolts, keeping things simple.

  • Ease of use

The level of convenience offered by the oscillation tool is extremely high. The bundled guide for cutting and depth increases precision while reducing time spent in each task. Variable speed dial makes it easy to switch between 10,000 to 22,000 OPM as required.

It features a three position over mold in the front, middle as well as rear, allowing you to hold the tool in any position as required with increased grip and comfort. A 10 foot cord almost removes the need to add extension cables and keeps the tool worksite ready.

  • Additional information

The Porter-Cable PCE605K oscillating tool is a lightweight product, weighing at only 3.7 lbs and is 11” inches in length. The compact size helps to reduce wrist fatigue. The expert can choose to work for hours cutting and sanding without any physical stress, supported by the convenient product design.

The oscillating angle is at 2.8 degrees and it comes with an extensive bundle. Items include the tool, depth cutting guide, wood or metal end cut blade, precision wood end cut blade, flush cut blade, sanding platen, sandpaper sheets and flexible scraper. Product comes in a kit box which conveniently stores all the bundled accessories safely.

Last thoughts

This oscillating tool has been thought out and designed really well, with the user in mind. It is comfortable to use with the rubber overlays, and it has plenty of power to get through heavy workloads. It is ideal for the professional user, as well as the home DIY enthusiast. The Porter-Cable PCE605K is easy to use, reliable and packs a lot of power too. Plus it offers great value for the price.

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