PLS-5 Laser Level Review


PLS-5 Laser level can be a superb choice for your job sites so as to carry out the leveling and alignment tasks accurately and infallibly. I can vouch for that based on my long professional experience. Buying this product means that you are going to own a full set-up comprising carrying case, bracket for pendulum layout target, floor stand, magnificent pouch, magnetic wall bracket, and HVD 500 detector.

What is PLS-5 Laser Level?

The unit uniquely comes with its particular PLS HVD laser detector. The working range consists of +/- 100 ft. As to the accuracy level, it consists of +/- 1/8 inch in relation to 100 ft. To your amazement, 6-degree leveling range of this product works briskly on the automatic pilot basis.

During my working hours, I’ve always found the PLS5 a great help due to its compactness, light weight and durability, it lets me know if something wrong at the bottom is there. You can undoubtedly use it for quick, exact and accurate leveling, squaring and aligning purposes; it will never disappoint you unlike other laser levels within the same price range.PLS-5 Laser Level Review

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Five bright lines are an absolute gem to make the targeted post as visible as broad day light. You’ll be wonderstruck by its amazing ability to cope magnificently with self-leveling with the range of 6 degrees.

Wonderful user-friendly features!

All the functions are not too abstruse to understand. Any person can make use of all the buttons conveniently, which is built-in the cutting-age technology. The convenient operational system is a good help in saving your precious time and valuable money spent on labor.

You can go it alone contrary to the fact that you need two people in case of an ordinary laser level. The time that you will set up, the job will be done for you without a delay in half a second.

Despite all these incredibly useful features, the price of PLS-5 is quite reasonable. I’m currently using these tools in order to simplify a lot of layout tasks at a time along with quality control checks, and all goes with a bang each time when the need arises.

The big enchilada is that you only stay focus on your main job as part of your profit making approach and the rest of the job assigned to this tool continues to go ahead.

Another loving feature for your convenience is the capability of its battery to run approximately for 30 hours with the added support of AA-size high-quality batteries. The unit is also backed by a good enough warranty of three years.

One might need to compile an e-book in order write all the features. Hence, versatility, preciseness, and ease of use are especially worth mentioning features. You no longer to fall into the trap of complex and time-consuming bubble vial levels and plumb bob setups as construction professionals nor do you have to make use of rotary laser levels which are less effective than their cost into the bargain.

In the final analysis

The tool with a point to point laser helps you perform simply, manageable and ideally no matter how tough and rough your job sites are. As a matter of fact, PLS-5 isn’t designed to do some particular job. You can use it in different ways and for different tasks such as electrical work, carpentry, HVAC, drywall, and even glazier. Compared to an old PLS, it is relatively smaller in size, more convenient in use, and sturdier.

Apart from being smaller in size and more long-lasting than the original PLS5, it is a fully self-leveling tool, and a spectacular product of Pacific Laser Systems PLS5-New-System with high accuracy, power source, & battery life. It is such a laser you can trust to use for your job site including indoor and outdoor usage. With five bright beams, affordable price and indoor-outdoor ability make it a tough job for other manufacturers.

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