PLS Laser PLS180 Review


Prior to giving air to my realistic understanding about PLS Laser PLS180 together with the positive & negatives outcome, it is all right to awaken you to what it is and how I find it during working on my job sites.

Some ab initio words for PLS Laser PLS 180

In the first place, PLS Laser PlS 180 simply acts out the role of one of my undeviating business companions whether working indoor or outdoor. I absolutely adore its yellow color & a magnificent look along with beyond-belief stability as well as unproblematic portability. But all this never suggests that it is not fallible at all. The aim is to help you choose this device provided that it is the same you are on the lookout for. Stay with me & learn more.

This laser level provides you with 6-degree self-leveling range built-in the lengthiest line along with fan angels. The product comes with the battery that continues to supply the power for approximately 30 hours, and that’s not a bad deal. As to the accuracy, it is +/-1/8-inch at 30 ft.PLS 180 Review

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PLS Laser PLS 180 is now available on the market with a complete set consisting of PLS180 pouch, batteries, operating manual and carrying case. Thus, it is as plain as the nose on your face that the yellow colored device named PLS Laser will offer you the best value for your investment.

Prominent features

  • PLS 180 is a commendable invention of this day and age, carrying high-quality batteries, a magnificent pouch, an eye-catching carrying case, durable magnetic wall bracket & operating instructions.
  • Fully self-leveling with the added advantage of the original PLS pendulum design.
  • Outfitted with the advanced technology magnetic dampening to produce the settling down effect on the laser beam.
  • The laser line is the best thing since sliced bread for the purpose of performing multiple tasks such as cabinetry, windows, doors, columns, curtain walls and much more.
  • Offers ideal approach where ordinary or traditional bubble vial levels prove useless – by dint of its advanced portability property, high effectiveness with pragmatic designing.
  • One of the handiest Pacific laser systems offering point-to-point & reference line layout.
  • This time with a three-year warranty up-gradation, it was formerly a one-year? Within this time period, the repair or the replacement is without any charges.
  • Speedily settles down when moving to a new layout point.
  • A masterpiece invention coming from Pacific Laser systems that admit of error-free, fast and secure square, level and plumb layout tasks.
  • Incredibly cheaper than most rotary lasers currently available in the market. It can exactly accord even with your tight budget with the best eventual up-shots.
  • Virtually fits well in the palm your hand due to its light weight and easy handling grip.
  • Also available in a system package for enhanced productivity for external applications as it comprises of the advanced SLD laser detector.
  • Comes with three first-rate batteries with AA Size with the running duration of 30 hours.
  • Layout tasks and quality-control are no longer time-consuming in your construction project.

An outlined overview of PLS Laser PLS180

  • To begin with, PLS 180 Laser is the best product for leveling, plumbing, and squaring. The device is a special tool to help you accomplish layout jobs hurriedly, professionally & infallibly.
  • No matter how hard your job site is; this laser level has the authority to help you magnificently cope from the simplest to the toughest tasks in a superlative way due to its incredible features such as high level of brightness, reduced immensity, & easy price affordability for the people belonging to all sections of the business community.
  • A combination of a wide array of features can vouch for money and time-saving approach, consistency, and durability all the way long as long as you are as busy as a bee.
  • PLS180 backed by a three-year warranty with the weight of only 1.7 pounds is an excellent tool for rough conditions of construction work and enhanced usability, especially in exterior applications. The measurement in inches ranges 2×2-7/8×3-3/8.
  • PLS180 laser level tool is highly known for strict quality control for a long period of time. From all accounts, it remains in A1 working condition for longer than its warranty by the seller, which shows that there’s something in! Of my acquaintance, based on the professional use of the tool, it may act up but once in a blue moon.
  • This laser level tool is all right with 1/8-inch over 30 ft. On account of its light weight of 1.7, you are at ease about how to hold and handle in your hand. You can easily carry it in your one hand. It comes with a hard shell carrying case to the accompaniment of an additional pouch so that you can keep it new even in the uneven veracities of building exertion. You can also get it in a system package along with the SLD laser detector.

Important technical details

PLS180 laser level is a light weight self-leveling device having 2.4 pounds, easily portable anywhere along with red line laser style, S size, 2 AA batteries, & 3-year warranty.

Final synopsis

This PLS Laser Level can be an absolute choice & a valuable addition to your tool anthology so as to achieve quick, infallible, and portable construction activities. I’ve been making the most of this tool since long without any agonizing complaints as it works smoothly & delivers the best what you’re craving for. It is so much time saver that I no longer feel the use of my former old-fashioned bubble vial level.

The big enchilada is that the user finds it as easy as anything without requiring any professional skills making it equally beneficial for both professionals and non-professionals. The tool allows for an easy solution to short & mid vertical and horizontal layout tasks whether short and mid or exterior and interior.  PLS 180 laser level tool offers a wide range of features for reliable and time-saving performance including harsh sites.

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